1 pinch is enough for plants: abundant and long-lasting flowering

Who wouldn’t like to always have healthy and lush plants? Let’s see how to get maximum results with little effort.

Not everyone has a green thumb and yet this remedy is also useful for your plants.

Plants in the house: a great benefit

Since the first  confinements,  more and more people have decided to include plants in their homes, creating green corners. Whether on the terrace/balcony, in the living room or on a shelf in the kitchen, no one has been able to give up the  charm of plants  , not even those who really don’t have a green finger.

Whether they are aromatic or evergreen plants, caring for them or simply looking at them can be a great help. Not only  does caring for plants  relax the nerves, but plants can also have benefits on the air we breathe, absorbing carbon dioxide and more.

plants in the house

As we said, however, not only  that, not everyone can take care of it effectively. Furthermore, not all environments are perfect for our plants to grow healthy and lush. Fortunately, there is a natural remedy that will help them bloom which, after adopting this remedy,  will be long-lasting and abundant.

What ingredient to use

The first thing you should do is take all your plants and  place them in a large sink  without saucers or, better yet, in the bathtub. At this point, we are about to reveal to you the miraculous ingredient to help your flowering:  aspirin  . Used as a self-medication drug against flu and headaches, it can make plants grow healthier as it would strengthen their immune system.

You will need to dissolve one effervescent aspirin tablet in a liter of water. Then  proceed to water your plants abundantly  . This solution composed of water and aspirin, however, should not be administered more than once a month.

When aspirin is administered to plants growing in the open field, it has been shown to greatly increase  their size but also their yield. To know if your plants will tolerate aspirin well, you just have to dissolve 1/4 of aspirin in a liter of water, wet them and see how they react.

The  same solution  can also be used to facilitate rooting of cuttings. Plus, if used as water for cut flowers, they will last much longer. In fact, aspirin also increases your resistance to drought.


But why is aspirin so good for plants? Plants   independently produce salicylic acid in small amounts when under stress. Only acid would help them deal with insects or phenomena of malnutrition or disease. Aspirin would strengthen the plant’s immune system by providing not only rapid germination but also resistance to pests and diseases. Additionally, the salicylic acid in aspirin blocks the progress of ethylene that causes the plant to wilt.