1 year’s worth of laundry detergent for less than $10: just 2 ingredients

Do-it-yourself laundry is a great idea to save money and think about the environment. Let’s see how to prepare it for a year.

Making your own homemade laundry detergent will allow you to spend only about ten euros for a year of washing machines.

DIY laundry detergent: advantages

In addition to being bought at the supermarket, detergent can also be made at home, with considerable savings. Doing your own laundry will also allow you to respect the environment and the health of our loved ones. Very often, in fact, the detergents sold in supermarkets contain surfactants or chemical substances that, in the long run, can have harmful effects on the body.

Not to mention the dangerous effects on the environment. In addition, homemade detergents are hypoallergenic and do not contain preservatives.

It has been shown that French families, for example, do an average of 5 washes in the washing machine per week, for a total of 220 washes in one year. During these washes, 26 liters of liquid detergent and 40 kilos of washing powder are used.


At home, you can make all the detergents, even the one to wash your clothes in the machine. Let’s see how to produce it for a year’s worth of detergent, using only two ingredients and spending less than ten euros (about 0.35 cents per liter).

Manufacturing process

The ingredients needed to prepare the liquid detergent that you will need for a year’s worth of laundry are as follows:

Marseille soap flakes, 60 grams (average cost, about 0.40 cents)

Sodium percarbonate , 15 grams (average cost 0.15 cents)

bicarbonate, 30 grams, (average cost 0.10 cents)

essential oil, a few drops (average cost 0.05 cents).

1 liter of hot water

1 liter of cold water

You must first heat a liter of water. Inside, the Marseille soap flakes must be incorporated. The French fries must be well mixed.

When the fire is extinguished, you must pour in the percarbonate of soda and then the bicarbonate. Then you can proceed to mix everything with a blender. The goal is to make the mixture as homogeneous as possible.


Next, the mixture should be cooled and allowed to sit for about a full day. At this point, the detergent should have become very compact, but this is normal. The next step is to mix it all together by adding a liter of cold water. Again, the goal is to make the mixture smooth and creamy.

You will need jars, those of the classic liquid detergents previously rinsed and dried are fine but also simple plastic bottles. If you prefer, you can choose a glass jar. A few drops of essential oil of your choice should be added to the detergent. It will be used to perfume the laundry. Lavender and lemon are examples.

You will obtain, by spending little, a liquid detergent able to bleach, disinfect and detach your linen. These properties are conferred by the bicarbonate which is a natural and biodegradable product. Moreover, it can also act as a fabric softener and deodorant.

Sodium percarbonate, on the other hand, disinfects and stains. Marseille soap is a biodegradable and anti-allergic product that cleans gently.

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