10 Unique Fruits You Can Grow At Home

The fruits in your own backyard are waiting for you!

These little treasures will make a fruit bowl that is out of the ordinary and impresses friends when served.

The list includes Cucamelons, Pineberries or Mangosteens just to name three but there’s many more types, so see which ones tickle your fancy best.

Take a look at our favorite 10 unique fruits you can grow in your own home!

1. Rambutan

Rambutan is a member of the Lychee family, which has been shown to be full of nutrients and vitamins.

2. Cucamelons

Cucamelons is one of the most refreshing fruits. It has a very distinct and tangy taste that people who’ve tried it say tastes something like cucumbers with just enough lime in there to make things interesting!

3. Japanese Wineberries

Japanese Wineberries are the perfect choice if you want something with more juicy and sweet flavors. They also have a spicier kick than other berries, that some people might find enjoyable in their smoothies or on top of ice cream!

4. Square Water Melon



When you think watermelon, do square shapes come to mind?

Not many people do, because watermelons just doesn’t have that shape. But once I started eating this amazingly juicy and sweet treat for myself it became one of my favorite fruits in life!

5. Passion Fruit

Did you know that the beautiful fruit of this plant can be grown at home and saved a lot of money, instead buying it from stores? Plus, you get to enjoy your own passion fruit right from the comfort of your home.

6. Pineberries

The pineberries are more than just a pretty face. Not only do they have this unique color and taste, but these little fruits pack one amazing flavor too!

7. Chilean Guavas

If you’re looking for a plant that stands out from the rest, this one is it. The beautiful flowers and vibrant colors will brighten up any space with their cheerfulness!

8. Star Fruit



The Star fruit is a popular decoration for plates in the restaurant because it looks like an open star. If you cut this sweet treat lengthwise, your dessert will be given an entirely perfect look!

9. Mangostees

For me, the ultimate favorite because they’re like a peace of art. They have an almost white color on the inside and dark purple outside!

10. Papaya

Papaya is a fruit that can be grown all year round in the right climate, with plenty of sunlight and good soil. Papayas are fast growers so you may start harvesting your own in only ten months!

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