11 Best Houseplants That Will Thrive in Your Bathrooms

Living plants increase our connection to nature and make the bathroom more attractive. They improve air quality, so you can enjoy taking a shower or bath without worrying about bad smells from chemicals!

For those who care about their bathroom, these 11 plants are guaranteed to make the space feel fresh.

1. Asparagus Fern

The asparagus fern is a beautiful, delicate plant that’s well suited for low humidity. It has light green leaves with airy texture and does best in bright or moderate sunlight conditions.

Although this stalk seems soft on touch, it has thorns which are very toxic, so be careful!

Asparagus fern is a hardy plant that grows well in poor soils. It thrives when placed near windows with lots of natural light, so you should think about where your window sits before planting this guy!

The Fern can reach heights up to 2 feet tall and widths spreading out as wide at 6 feet if given enough space outdoors.

2. Cast-Iron Plant

The Cast Iron is a plant that requires very little maintenance and can tolerate full shade. This makes it perfect for bathrooms, where you may not have much light available, so these conditions will be perfect for this plant!

The only requirement is regular watering (though this shouldn’t hurt its cast-iron constitution).

The plant features a medium green color and can grow up to 3 feet high. It’s worth noting that the cast-iron plant doesn’t tolerate much humidity, so it should be placed in your rarely used guest bathroom or any other less humid location for best results.

Although flowers are uncommon when growing indoors they do occur from time to time depending on what kind you purchase!

3. Begonia

Even though most begonia varieties do well in containers, rex begonias are the ones to use when you need a bathroom plant. It has flashy leaves and can handle humidity like no other plant!

Just be sure the soil is not waterlogged where they’re planted – this could cause rot for its roots.

The plant comes in various colors, including dark green and light green. If you want them to produce flowers, allow direct sunlight through your bedroom window or door so that it penetrates deep into the plants roots; for foliage exposure, the light must be bright but not direct sunlight, as this will scorch its leaves.

4. Bamboo

Most of us know the bamboo plant and its love affair with water. If we choose to grow our bathroom plants in a container, this is one that’s sure to  give off some good spa vibe without much maintenance required!

Remember: though it may seem like an invasive species (and if not controlled might even take over your whole house!), as long as you’re careful about re-potting them on occasion they can be very manageable plants indeed.

Bamboo is an attractive and versatile plant, with dark green leaves that vary in their patterning. It requires about six hours of direct sunlight for proper growth but can still do well even without exposure to bright light or high levels of humidity.

You should feed it every week during the summer months when temperatures are hottest–and reduce fertilizer application frequency in winter.

5. Heartleaf Philodendron

Heartleaf philodendron has heart-shaped leaves, which give your bathroom a charming look in addition to freshening the air.

The plant grows pretty fast so you can make it bushier and fuller by cutting out the growing tips every few months or years if needed!

These plants grow well whether planted indoors as decoration, or outdoors where humidity levels must remain high due its preference towards high humidity.

6. Snake Plant

The snake plant also goes by other interesting names—mother-in law’s tongue, St. George’s sword and viper bowstring hemp!

This hard to kill plant can withstand nearly any conditions from no light at all to bright direct sun exposure with only minor care in its watering frequency.

The snake plant is so awesome, it doesn’t need as much water. In fact the humidity in your bathroom may be enough for these hardy plants to thrive and grow up to 4 feet tall!

You should only give them a drink when you notice that 2 inches of soil are dry – but other than that they’re pretty indestructible.

7. Peace Lily

The peace lily is a plant with glossy green foliage and white flowers.

These plants give your bathroom an elegant look that needs little care, just water regularly to keep them happy!

8. Chinese Evergreen

A Chinese evergreen plant needs to grow in a warm, humid atmosphere with partial shade. Luckily for you there is one place that always has the perfect conditions – your bathroom!

Their color varieties include red and dark green while some have silver leaves as well which gives them an intriguing look.

Chinese evergreen plants are great for the home, and they can grow from 10 inches tall to 4 feet! Place your plant in a well-drained potting mix. When watering be sure that the soil has dried out completely before giving them a drink.

9. Spider Plant

Spider plants are a great addition to your bathroom. The plant’s small and delicate leaves create an interesting look for any room, while its spiky shape makes it even more eye-catching!

As long as you grow them in proper conditions with lots of sunlight throughout the day (and make sure soil is always moist) this little guy will be bustling away – all without much effort on your end.

It’s important to add a liquid fertilizer when you plant the seeds, but make sure it only every month while they’re growing.

The temperature should stay below 80 degrees Fahrenheit during this time and well-draining soil will allow for growth up high 1 foot wide or 2 feet long in pot size!

10. Dumb Cane

The dumb cane plant is a low maintenance variety. Just make sure you water it when the soil feels dry, and during summer months its light requirement should be reduced to less than half that of wintertime (with no direct sunlight).

The leaves on this shrub can come in white or yellow colors as well as green, but they’re unlikely to grow taller than 3 feet at most!

11. Pothos

A plant that you can use to help cleanse the air in your bathroom, Pothos is elegant and minimal. With heart-shaped leaves it likes a warm humid atmosphere for best results; variegated varieties exist too!

Place the plant on a shelf or hanging pot to take your decorating up another notch. The plant will thrive in bright, indirect light and shouldn’t be exposed directly to sunlight for long periods of time, and water it once the soil has dried out completely.

Pothos is a versatile plant that can grow up to 6 feet tall. It has green, marbled yellow foliage and needs good potting soil for best results.

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