12 Best Smelling Houseplants that Will Refresh Your Indoor Air

Want to keep your room fresh with natural elements? Choose from these houseplants that will help you do just that!

These plants are literally fragrant air fresheners and they can be used in any size or shape.

With so many different types of botanical aromas, it’s hard for them not to fill up all the corners – making sure things stay naturally perfumed at all times.

12 Best Smelling Houseplants to Refresh the Air in Your Home

1. Snake Plant

Snake plants are well known for their ability to absorb moisture from air and enclosure, but what you may not know is that these plants can also bloom!

When Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Laurentii’ does finally flower it will fill up your home with intense fragrance in no time at all.

2. African Gardenia

The African Gardenia is one of the most beautiful flowers in existence, with dense white petals and a sweet fragrance. It’s surprisingly easy to grow as well- it thrives even when given partial shade!

3. Jasmine

A plant that will fill your home with its aroma is the yellow star jasmine. This beautiful vine has long vines and delicate, frothy white flowers in summer to autumn months (from late June through September).

Place it on a sunny spot for best results!

4. Lavender

To make sure the plant thrives indoors, provide it with plenty of bright light. This will help lavender bloom profusely and you’ll have a more fragrant house.

5. Orchid

The corsage orchids are a flower that only blooms once in their lifetime. They emit strong cinnamon and vanilla fragrance, which can fill the entire house within minutes!

Some best aromatic options for this type of plant include ‘Sakura Candy’, ‘ Little Mermaid’ ,and Yucatan Magenta.

6. Mint

Mint is an aromatic plant that can be grown indoors or out. It has a refreshing, cool scent and you’ll find it growing in many different home decorating schemes!

When crushed up into a ball form, mint leaves emit their own unique smell which will fill your room with the smell of energizing freshness – perfect for any time of day or night, when we just need to relax and unwind.

7. Paperwhite Narcissus

Have you ever grown Narcissus papyraceus bulbs? This hardy, sweet-smelling plant likes cool temperature and indirect sunlight.

They’re easy to grow at home in a sunny window or on your porch if it’s not too cold outside.

8. Chinese Perfume Plant

In cooler areas, the plant with bright yellow blooms is grown as a houseplant for its sweet and lemon-like scent. Keep it near an south facing window to grow strong!

9. Basket Plant

The Basket Plant is a cute, green plant that you can grow on your windowsill. The white flowers have an enticing fragrance and also go well with the glossy leaves- they’re sort of like having icing on top!

10. Hoya

You can grow your own personal spa with Hoya! If you’re looking for the best fragrant plants, look no further than these seven types. With such variety and beauty in one package, it’s easy to see why so many people love them as houseplants, or even just want some fresh air around their home due to their beautiful colors!

The best fragrant ones are Hoya australis, Hoya carnosa Rubra aka ‘Krimson Princess’, and even some of the less common ones like obovata or retusa.

11. Four O’Clock

The Four O’Clock plant is a favorite among those who enjoy the subtle scent of jasmine.

These plants love sunlight, and they’ll grow best in a window box with plenty of room for air circulation as well!

12. Madagascar Jasmine

The perfume of this plant is so light and airy, with a floral scent that reminds me of summertime. The dark green leaves contrast against its glossy white petals beautifully.

It like to be in a warm environment with bright indirect light.

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