2 trucchi fai da te per eliminare le macchie di candeggina dai vestiti

It happens to everyone to wear their favorite pants to do household cleaning and get a few drops of bleach on them, creating the terrible white stain and making the pants, practically, unserviceable.

Actually, it is possible to salvage them, and before we get overcome by the impulse to throw them away, we’ll explain how to get rid of bleach stains from clothes. Follow carefully the instructions we detail below.

The following two tricks, although different from each other, are very effective in the same purpose and allow us to recover our clothes.

First trick
Pour 250 ml of white vinegar and 250 ml of alcohol into a bucket and mix well. Dampen a clean cloth in this solution, then apply it directly to the bleach stain, without rubbing, but making small touches.

Finally, rinse the garment with plenty of cold water. You may need to repeat the remedy several times.

Second trick
Pour 1 tablespoon of sodium thiosulfate into 250 ml of water and mix well. Dampen a clean cloth in the solution and apply it directly to the bleach stains, again without rubbing.

Wash the garment with cold water and repeat the process until the stain is completely gone.

Recovering a bleach-stained garment is easier than you might think; try it before throwing the garment away.