23 Best Zinnia Varieties You Should Grow in Your Garden

For those who want the best flowers for their garden, here is a list of some excellent varieties to try!

Zinnias are colorful, and will brighten up any space in your backyard.

23 Awesome Varieties of Zinnia Varieties

1. Cactus Flower Mix

You’ll fall in love with the stunning beauty and variety of flowers on this one! The narrow, curved petals make it look like they’re quills.

There are various shades, from pink to scarlet or orange-yellow depending what color vibe you want for your garden design.

2. Big Red

The beauty of the zinnia is in its petals.

These delicate, curvy flowers are perfect for adding color and flair to your garden!

3. Color Crackle

Mexican zinnias are one of the most beautiful flowers to come from Mexico.

With their bicolored petals that showcase burgundy and white colors, these flowers make for an eye-catching display in any garden!

4. California Giant Mix

The California Giant is a flower with five to six inches across blossoms in yellow, pink, red and orange hues.


These varieties take longer than most other cultivars so you’ll need patience if growing this type.

5. Double Zahara Yellow

Double Zahara Yellow is a beautiful, bright color that will always be in style.

This flower has large blooms and they’re globe-shaped too!

6. Crystal White

The white crystal series has daisy-like flowers, with petals that are bright and plain.

To add a little more color to your garden try orange or yellow zinnias for an attractive display in any space.

7. Dahlia Flower Mix

The large blooms of this heirloom variety are perfect for beautifying any home.

The downward curving petals form a stunning display, and the flowers can last up to three weeks when in optimal conditions!

8. Envy

If you’re looking for a green flower that’s not afraid to show its color, look no further than this Zinnia.

The chartreuse petals and yellow center make it stand out from other varieties in the garden!

9. Peppermint Stick

Peppermint Stick is a colorful and unique plant, which produces many different colors in its flowers.

Some of these blooms have stripes or flecks that make them stand out from other plants.

10. Queeny Lime Orange

These three-color blooms are the perfect way to add some excitement into your garden this year.

11. Profusion Cherry

The zinnia plant is a hybrid of the two most popular types found in flower gardens, with cherry red single blossoms and yellow centers.

These plants have won a Golden Medal award in the flower category.

12. State Fair Mix

The State Fair Mix is a colorful and bold plant with audacious hues of yellow, orange rose rust purple.

It can grow quite tall in favorable conditions!

13. Swizzle Ivory and Cherry

The beautiful colors of ‘Ivory and Cherry’ will make you feel like a star.

This variety comes from the Swizzle series, which has four-inch flowers with big petals that are semi double in shape!

14. Zowie Yellow Flame

This zinnia variety offers the perfect summertime bloom.

The scarlet petals and orange tips make it look like a fiery gaillardia, which makes this flower even more memorable!

15. Zinderella Lilac

The beautiful Z. scabiosa is a cultivar with double and semi-double plumed petals that can be found in pastel pink or purple colors, making it the perfect flower for giving off an airy feeling on your nursery’s wall!

16. Pop Art

The large, golden blossoms of the plant are speckled with red on tall stems.

They make for superb cut flowers that last in water and add a touch of class to any arrangement!

17. Purple Prince

The stunning magenta double flowers of the tall cultivar are sure to catch your eye.

Grow it with annuals or fill in any gaps for an easy-to-maintain border!

18. Soleado

‘Soleado’ is a beautiful, single-stemmed flower that can be grown easily as it tolerates rain and even flowers until the first frost.

19. Aztec Sunset

This variety is perfect for those who want to enjoy the beauty of flowers throughout spring and summer.

With double blooms in a range of colors, this plant will offer you months’ worth of floral interest!

20. Red Spider

I love this flower! It’s the perfect color and the blooms are so delicate.

Plus, they’re in a spider form which makes them even cuter.

21. Early Wonder

This Zinnia variety offers a bright and cheerful addition to your garden.

Beautiful blooms in pink, yellow, or red shades will add color all season long!

22. Queen Red Lime

This beautiful flower is the perfect addition to any garden.

It has red blooms with lime tips on each petal border, which you can grow it into an area or container of your choosing!

23. Sprite Mix

With its semi-double blooms, you can enjoy the beautiful colors of this flower for both indoor and outdoor decor.

It also makes great cut flowers!

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