3 bay leaves are enough to perfume the house in winter

During  the winter  we always find many ways  to scent the house  . In fact, we want  to spread a good smell  by keeping all the windows and balconies closed so as not to get cold.

Well, among  scented infusions of citrus or cinnamon  , scented dehumidifiers and so on, one of the remedies is  to use bay leaf  !

There are those who already usually use it  in the  bathroom shower to always have a fresh scent, or those who  dry the leaves  and then chop them to make a kind of homemade potpourri.

In short, there are many ways to use this plant, in fact  only 3 bay leaves are enough to have a super fragrant house in winter!

Infusion for home

Let’s first look at one of the most popular and widely used methods,  home brewing.

It’s not very difficult to prepare, you  just have to be very careful not to burn yourself  , so be very careful.

Well, all you have to do is  fill a pot with hot water  and put it on the stove over  low heat. Then add  3 bay leaves  and  wait until they start to boil  .

Once boiled, the water will have generated  a steam scented with bay leaf  , all you have to do is spread it throughout the rooms of the house.

You can first transfer the water to a bowl or another pan, or be very careful and  carry the pan to all rooms  , just let it sit for about ten minutes.

Reheat it if you see that it no longer evaporates.

Scented sachet

Another very interesting thing we can make with 3 bay leaves is a  scented sachet!

They are also usually used to scent the cupboard or other tight spaces and use various ingredients, the remarkable aspect is that it really takes no effort to make them!

Well, the first step is  to get a breathable bag  so that it can spread the smell. Later you will need to  break the bay leaves  and put them inside the bag.

Place it in the space of the house you want to scent  or put it in cabinets and drawers, you will see what a smell!

On the radiator

Very often we talk about how to perfume the house using the radiator and, among the different methods, bay leaf is never missing.

You will know that the leaves of this plant can be  dried  in order to use them in various ways. If you want to use a quick and efficient way to dry them and scent the house at the same time, you can  put the leaves directly on the radiator!

Leave 3 or more  depending on the intensity of the scent you want  , you will see that day after day, the heat that spreads throughout the house will smell just as good!

In the dehumidifier

Still on the subject of radiators, dehumidifiers are used to combat humidity.

Inside this object we can put  ingredients that also help us diffuse the scent in the house  , such as essential oils, cinnamon, etc.

Of course, even in this case  you can use bay leaves by  putting three of them directly into the dehumidifier. As the water warms and evaporates, it will scent the environment.

In the bathroom

Finally we can use bay leaves in the bathroom!
This is a very simple way, you can  place a sprig on the shower head  , so that you always have the fresh smell that diffuses after taking a hot shower.

Alternatively, put a  scented sachet  in the bathroom or place  3 leaves in a small pot  which can also beautify the bathroom!


Do not use the leaves of this plant in case of allergies or hypersensitivity.