3 foolproof techniques to eliminate bedbugs

To eliminate bedbugs permanently, there are foolproof techniques that are little known  to everyone. These little insects are known to live in sheets. Even though they do not transmit any disease, their bites are very unpleasant.

Take advantage of the cold to eliminate bedbugs

This method of elimination is especially very effective in winter and in particularly cold places.  In fact,  it requires a drastic drop in temperature because bedbugs cannot tolerate extreme temperatures  and can die quickly. It is then enough to keep the house in the cold for a few hours.

During the winter, simply leave  the windows wide open or even move the furniture outside . In particular, the mattress and the sheets. However,  it should be remembered that this tip is only effective with a temperature around 0°C.

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs Using Heat

Besides cold,  extreme heat is also very effective in getting rid of bed bugs permanently.  To do this, simply  wash the laundry and  bed sheets  with extremely hot water. Indeed, it is very important to ensure that the temperature exceeds 50°C.

This is the ideal tip for places with milder winters and hot summers like tropical countries. If the temperature under the sun is above 50°C, it is also possible to remove the affected items.

Vaporetto technique

If  the mattress  cannot be taken out or washed, a heat source must be applied directly to it.  The most practical and effective solution is the use of steam.

From this perspective, it is more recommended to use a steamer or similar device. The objective is just to diffuse high temperature steam on the equipment affected by the bedbug invasion.

With these three tips, you will be able to say goodbye to bedbugs very quickly.