3 reasons why your plant’s leaves turn yellow and what to do about it

Lack of light
Even if your plants are indoors, they need to receive a certain amount of sunlight to start the photosynthesis process and prevent the leaves from turning yellow.

Place the plant near a well-lit window and you will see that after a few days its leaves will start to regain their green color.

Excess water
If most of the leaves on your plant are starting to turn a dark yellow color, it is likely that there has been excess water or that the soil is not draining properly.

A quick way to check this is to touch the soil. If it is too wet or damp, it is not draining well.

The solution is very simple: put a layer of gravel under the potting soil to allow for proper absorption and drainage of excess water.

Nutrient deficiency
If the soil is not sufficiently fertilized, it is very likely that the leaves will start to turn yellow. The plant needs certain minerals to grow healthy and strong, especially iron.

Put a few cloves in the water and wait for the water to become cloudy. Use this liquid to water your plants.

If the leaves of your plants have started to turn yellow, follow these tips to prevent them from falling off or rotting. Plants also need care to grow healthy and strong.

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