3 reliable tips for ultra-clean windows in just a few minutes.

Household tasks range from cleaning the kitchen to disinfecting toilets and cleaning windows. When cleaning windows, dust and dirt can quickly accumulate because the windows are in contact with the outside world.

And despite regular cleaning, the results don’t always meet your expectations. To help you clean your windows, we have put together these three reliable tips for sparkling clean windows.

White vinegar: the perfect ally for home care

White vinegar is your most important ally when it comes to cleaning your home. That’s why it shouldn’t be missing from your wardrobe. Easy to use, environmentally friendly and, above all, cheap: white vinegar is the main ingredient for many grandma’s tricks, all of which are very successful.

How to cleanse the crystals. In a container, mix one glass of white vinegar with two glasses of warm water. Then fill a spray bottle with the mixture. Spray the surfaces to be cleaned and then wipe them with a microfiber cloth.

Lemon juice: Ideal for cleaning glass surfaces

The tricks based on natural products are trendy. It is the new trend to avoid chemicals that only harm the environment. To effectively clean your glass surfaces, you can opt for lemon, which is known for its cleaning and degreasing properties.

The principle is very simple: Take a container with two glasses of hot water and add the juice of one lemon. Mix well and fill the sprayer with this solution. Spray the windows and mirrors with this mixture. Finish with a microfiber cloth to remove dirt and dust.

Newspaper: the essential product for perfect cleaning

Who hasn’t heard of grandma’s newspaper trick? When you’re done reading the newspapers, you don’t have to throw them away! Our grandmothers gave them a second chance when cleaning because they do not leave marks and residues on the windows.

All you need is a spray bottle filled with water and newspaper. Spray the crystals and dry them with newspaper. The results will be impressive.