In  summer , curtains  protect  our homes from dust and smog  when the doors are open   and are therefore more  exposed to external influences.

For this reason, it can happen that these materials  smell unpleasant smells  , which then spread throughout the house.

In this regard, today we will see together  how to make homemade curtain deodorizers  to perfume them in summer and bring a good smell to the house!

What will you discover?


One of the best-known household ingredients for neutralizing bad odors is certainly  sodium bicarbonate, which also  has cleaning, stain-removing and degreasing  properties. We therefore recommend the following:

  • 500 ml distilled water
  • 2 tablespoons baking powder
  • 25 drops of essential oil of your choice

Then add the baking soda and  drops of essential oil   with your preferred scent to a bowl of water. Of course, you can choose the scents you want, but we recommend that you   prefer  more relaxing scents such as lavender , chamomile, cinnamon, etc. for the curtains in the bedrooms to facilitate sleep,  and fresher scents and citrus fruits  for the kitchen scents and bathroom.

Once all the ingredients are assembled, mix them together and  pour the resulting mixture  into a spray bottle. Finally, spray it on the curtains from a very close distance so that  the fabric doesn’t get wet and… what a smell!


Like baking soda, vinegar  is a food ingredient known for its ability to neutralize bad odors. We remind you that it serves to  remove the smell in the refrigerator!   To do this, add  about 500 ml of distilled water,  100 ml of wine vinegar and 4 tablespoons of vodka to a measuring cup. Then  mix the ingredients well  and add an additional 1 tablespoon of baking soda and about  20 drops of essential oil  of the scent you like best.

Now pour the resulting mixture  into a spray bottle  and spray it on the curtains. Be careful not to wet them too much so that  a pleasant scent spreads throughout the house!

Note:   This deodorant can also be used on clothing. However, we recommend that you always make sure that it is not too delicate or precious. In this case it is better to avoid it.

citric acid

A more environmentally friendly alternative to vinegar is  citric acid  , a compound derived from citrus fruits that  is considered a natural fabric softener and can leave towels soft and like new!

To try it, all you have to do is   pour 150 grams   of citric acid powder into a jug with  a   liter of distilled water, mix it and then  add 15 drops   of essential   oil with the scent you prefer.  Now pour everything into a   spray bottle  and spray it on your curtains:  you won’t be able to do without this DIY spray!


When we talk about household ingredients that can perfume, we cannot but mention the lemon   ,  whose fresh and citrus scent is able  to eliminate the smell even in a room prone to bad smells, such as the bathroom .

In this case, you will therefore have to    fill  3 parts of a spray bottle with water   and the   remaining part with lemon juice , shake the spray bottle well and spray the mixture thus obtained on the curtains, always making sure to leave a distance of about 10 cm.