4 tips for removing white veil from whitened glasses

You may notice a white veil on your glasses, even after they have been put in the dishwasher. These traces are often linked to limescale present in the water and can be stubborn. Discover the powerful trick that can remove that unsightly white patina.
Even after cleaning them in the dishwasher, the glasses can sometimes have white marks. Fortunately, there is a radical solution against limescale stains that works quickly.

How to remove white haze from whitened glasses?
To clean glass, soapy water is most often used before wiping it with a clean cloth. There can sometimes be unsightly limescale residue remaining which takes the form of a white veil, even after washing in the dishwasher. This can also be the case for glasses which may have patinas that compromise their shine. Fortunately, it is possible to prevent and get rid of these traces with a formidable System D method. These surfaces will regain their shine thanks to a few grandmother’s tips with spectacular results.

Shine the glasses – source: spm
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Make Shine the glasses – source: spm – Source: spm
Vinegar and soap
This D system technique is radical for eliminating the patina caused by limescale. To do this, start soaking your glasses in a mixture of white vinegar and soapy water. If this tip works, it is because the acid solution acts as a powerful anti-limescale agent which descales all surfaces in the house. To use, add two cups of white vinegar to one cup of warm soapy water. Your cleanser is ready.

In a basin, soak the glasses in the solution and leave for up to 30 minutes. Then wipe them with a microfiber cloth and you’re done. The results will be spectacular!

Ecological household ingredient – ​​source: spm
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Ecological household ingredient – ​​Source: spm
Beyond the white vinegar and soapy water technique, there are other tips that eliminate these unsightly whitish deposits. Adopting them in your daily life will make your job easier.

This everyday product is ideal for getting rid of limescale residue! To use it, rub your glasses with white toothpaste. You will then need to soak the glasses in a mixture of white vinegar and soapy water and you can say goodbye to limescale!

Baking soda
This involves forming a paste with baking soda, a remarkable household ingredient for all household tasks, and a little water. Rub the area to be treated on the glasses with this paste and let it act on the traces of limescale for 15 minutes. Rinse and wipe to restore the shine of your glass!

An old newspaper can be very useful for making the glass shine and, above all, removing limescale. Soak newspaper in white vinegar and make circular motions around the glass. Magical, right?

Now you know how to effectively clean these whitish marks that can tarnish your glasses. You can polish them in a single gesture!

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