5 indisputable tips to eliminate bad odors from the refrigerator

hen the temperature rises, many people prefer to store food in the refrigerator to prevent it from spoiling. However, with all the food stored there, a bad smell can develop inside your appliance.

Fortunately, there are some ancient remedies that can help you neutralize the smell once and for all. There is no need to invest in conventional products that claim to be miraculous because they are full of chemicals. The solution is very simple and you will find it in your kitchen cabinet.


Oats are not only good for your health. It is also very effective in eliminating bad odors. To do this, put a bowl of oatmeal in your refrigerator and change it at least once a week. This will help eliminate bad odors in your refrigerator.

tea bags

Bad smells in the refrigerator can disappear forever if you use tea bags. So don’t throw the tea bags in the trash, save them for your refrigerator. As you know, tea is known for its antimicrobial properties, which fight germs and pathogenic bacteria.

If you place a simple tea bag in the refrigerator, you will neutralize harmful microorganisms and eliminate bad odors. However, the tea bag must be dried before putting it in the refrigerator. With this unusual but super effective trick, you will have a refrigerator that always smells good.

Coffee grounds

Coffee grounds are one of the kitchen waste that we throw away after extracting the tasty drink. But many people don’t know that this waste can be easily recycled to eliminate bad odors from the refrigerator. Like baking soda, place a plate full of coffee grounds in your refrigerator and eliminate bad odors.

White vinegar

Did you know that white vinegar has several virtues? In addition to its disinfectant properties, this household product is an infallible weapon in the fight against bad odors in the refrigerator. Take a small container to fill with white vinegar and place it at the bottom of the refrigerator so it doesn’t spill. You must replace it every fifteen days for its effect to be optimal.


Citrus fruits are fashionable in the home thanks to their properties and pleasant smell. To eliminate bad odors from your refrigerator, you can use it very effectively. Just cut a lemon into small pieces and place it in a small container in the refrigerator. You will see that bad odors disappear, leaving behind a fresh aroma.