5 purple plants to put in your home to bring joy and chase away negative energies

Who doesn’t love  purple  ? This beautiful color is associated with love, but also with magic and mystery. It is a fascinating color that also instills peace and harmony.

In this article we list  5 purple plants  to put in our homes to bring joy and chase away negative energies. They are beautiful plants and easy to care for.

Persian shield  . Its scientific name is  Strobilanthes dyerianus  , and it is a plant native to Asia but now found in nurseries around the world.

Christia obcordata  . Also called butterfly plant, it is not completely purple but the contrast with the green is truly unique.

Purple basil  . Much less known than classic basil, purple basil is just one of more than 60 varieties of the plant. It can also be used for cooking.

Setcreasea purpurea  . This succulent plant has particular leaves, purple in color and narrow and long in shape. Its flowers are also light purple.