5 reasons to add white vinegar to the washing machine: simple and effective

In this article you will find 5 reasons why you should add white vinegar to your washing machine.

Due to the chemical ingredients present in large quantities in the washing machine, your laundry will gradually become damaged.

To prevent this, you should use a natural element instead: white vinegar, which has a disinfecting, softening and deodorizing effect on your laundry.

What are 5 reasons to add white vinegar to your washing machine?
To eliminate bad smells:
Your clothes smell like sweat or Even after washing it gives off an unpleasant smell.

With the help of white vinegar, the bacteria responsible for these actions are killed.

To do this, combine 2 cups of white vinegar and warm water in the container intended for the liquid detergent.

Or you can also pre-wash your dirty laundry in a cup of vinegar with cold water.

That’s it, get rid of the bacteria that cause the bad smell in your laundry.

To get rid of stains:
First, add a sufficient amount of white vinegar to a spray bottle.

Spray this onto the stains and leave it on for 20 minutes.

Rinse your laundry as usual.

If the stains still remain, mix the vinegar with a tablespoon of baking soda.

With this solution, make sure you use it in moderation to avoid damaging your laundry.

To preserve the colors of your laundry:
When you wash your clothes, they become dull and lose their color.

Simply add a cup of vinegar to the drum during the final rinse cycle.

This is how your laundry retains its color.

Make your laundry softer:
To make your laundry extra soft, simply replace your regular detergent with white vinegar and that’s it.

Fix accidents:
If your laundry is bleach-washed, you can fix the problem by mixing two cups of white vinegar in a bowl of warm water.

Leave your laundry in it overnight to enhance the effect.

Then rinse your towels as you would every day.

You should be careful not to mix detergent and white vinegar together to avoid damaging your laundry.

To get rid of odors, I suggest you two options: add the vinegar to the rinse cycle or put it in the liquid detergent container.

To use these tips safely, make sure your appliances are vinegar-proof, as the acidity of vinegar can corrode the interior.

Additionally, you should be careful when using white vinegar on more delicate items.