5 tips to keep spiders away from the house

While some believe that killing spiders brings bad luck, it may be better to keep them out of the house. Here are some natural and practical ways to prevent spiders from entering your living space.

What is the trick to getting rid of spiders?

Although spiders are not always welcome in our homes, they are effective allies in the fight against household insects. However, certain species of spiders can trigger intense phobias. If you want to eradicate them permanently, use this ingredient.

Use lemon essential oil against spiders

If spiders give you goosebumps, lemon can be your best friend. You can easily prepare a home remedy using this common ingredient.

Instead of using chemicals, it is better to use this natural product as a spider repellent in your home.

Simply mix a tablespoon of lemon or lemongrass essential oil in a liter of water. Shake the mixture well, then use a spray bottle to apply it to areas where spiders frequently go, especially the main corners of your home, like windows and vents.

Lemon peels can also serve as a natural spider repellent. Rub them against shelves, cabinets and doors before placing them in corners such as window sills. Likewise, other essential oils, such as mint or lavender oil, can be effective and eco-friendly sprays. You can even mix two or three different essential oils into your homemade repellent for greater effectiveness.

Spider infestations often occur during seasonal transitions. Female spiders seek shelter to escape cold temperatures and males join them to mate. Although it is difficult to completely avoid this phenomenon, a few simple tips can help you get rid of these unwanted creatures.

White vinegar to fight spiders

White vinegar is known for its various properties, including its effectiveness in getting rid of insects in the garden. It can also serve as a natural spider repellent.

Simply mix water and white vinegar and spray it around openings such as windows and doors, as well as other places where spiders are likely to hide.

The acetic acid present in white vinegar creates an odor that spiders find unpleasant. In addition, it can even burn these pests on contact with the liquid.

Chestnuts and chestnut wood to keep spiders away

If you don’t like spiders but don’t want to harm them, try placing chestnuts or chestnut wood in key locations in your home. Spiders don’t like the smell of chestnuts.

This simple trick can therefore keep them away without hurting them. You can also consider placing chestnut branches near your windows for added effectiveness.

Mosquito nets, an effective spider catcher

To prevent spiders from entering your home, installing screens on windows can be an effective solution. In addition, these mosquito nets can be installed on all openings in the house to further limit their presence. Not only will this method keep spiders out, but it will also deter mosquitoes, wasps and flies.

Tomato leaves to repel spiders

If you want to prevent pests from entering your home, try using tomato leaves as a natural repellent. Just scatter a few and watch them fade away, just like chestnut leaves!

The presence of spiders can be annoying, so it is advisable to try natural and practical methods to eliminate them. It is important to note that by eliminating a spider, you are also getting rid of a potential predator from your home!