5 tricks to keep Sansevieria leaves always shiny and healthy

5 tips and natural remedies to polish and clean sansevieria leaves

Sansevieria is a succulent plant of African origin, with long, narrow leaves, and an elegant and refined appearance  This plant is highly appreciated for its ability to purify the air and for its decorative beauty. However, to keep sansevieria leaves always bright and healthy, it is necessary to follow some simple precautions and adopt some natural remedies.

5 tips for polishing and cleaning sansevieria leaves

Since sansevieria is primarily a houseplant, it tends to collect  dust  . This, when deposited on the leaves, not only dulls them but also makes breathing and photosynthesis difficult.

Once the dust is removed, at least once a week you could clean it by applying a little trick. Dissolve 30 grams of  Marseille soap  in 500 ml of water and apply it to the leaves with a damp cloth. In this way, in addition to polishing the  leaves,  you will also have eliminated the infestation of possible parasites.

striped leaves

Another natural and foolproof trick to clean the leaves is to use  milk  mixed with water. This ingredient is perfect because it contains the same fats as commercial products, but there are no chemicals. It is also useful for eliminating  mealybugs  .


Another great ingredient for polishing sansevieria leaves is  beer  . However, beer, being alcoholic, could cause burns on the leaves if exposed to the sun. The advice is to use it once a month at most and avoid exposing the plant to direct sunlight.

Remember, however, that beyond the various remedies to use. Sansevieria loves  light  . So, to ensure healthy leaf growth and shine, place the plant in a well-lit location, but away from windows exposed to direct sunlight. If you notice that the leaves are too dull, it may be necessary to move the plant to a brighter area.