But how beautiful are winter sweaters ? Not to mention the accessories that we show off this season such as scarves and hats that seem to complete our outfit!

However, we are not always able to keep them intact and like new because we often find lint that makes them look old and worn.

And the question arises spontaneously: but can they be removed? Well yes! So let’s see together these tricks for removing lint from sweaters, scarves and hats!


First of all, let’s start with a trick that might seem rather strange to you but which seems to work: the  freezer trick!

Trying it is very simple, as you simply have to fold the item that has lint carefully, put it in a plastic bag  and then place it in the freezer for  24 hours.

The cold from the freezer will help break the  electrostatic bond  of the fibers and make lint removal easy  .

Dish sponge

Do you know the dish sponge, the yellow-green one that has one softer side and another more “abrasive” side? You will be happy to know that this cleaning tool can be a godsend when dealing with lint.

All you have to do, therefore, is spread the woolen garment on a horizontal surface,  stretch it well and pass  the sponge over the abrasive side , always making sure to proceed delicately so as not to damage the fibers of the fabric.

However, in addition to removing lint, this sponge also helps prevent its formation.

In this case, you will have to put it in the drum together with the items with lint and start a  delicate wash cycle. 

Scotch tape

Even the tape that you commonly use to close packages or boxes can help you remove those annoying lint from your woolen garments.

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In this case, we suggest you try this trick only if you are practical enough and only after making sure that the fabric is not too delicate.

You will therefore have to cut  a strip of scotch tape  or insulating tape of the necessary length and then place the  sticky side  on the area of ​​the garment where the lint is concentrated .

At this point, rub the  surface of the tape  to make it adhere completely and proceed with  a single quick tear , following the direction of the  fabric weave.

Pumice stone

Another trick involves the use of pumice stone, whose abrasive action is a godsend for removing lint from woolen items.

Take your pumice stone and rub it gently on the part of the garment where the lint is, taking care not to damage the fibres .

You will notice that the stone will be able to “attract” all the lint! As if that wasn’t enough, you can also use this remedy   to clean the oven racks!

NB  Do not use the pumice stone on sweaters or scarves made of wool, cotton or other delicate fabrics because you could risk ruining them.

Dryer sheet

If you have a dryer  at home, then you can use it to remove lint quickly and easily.

In fact, you will have to rub common dryer sheets on your garment, paying particular attention to the points where the lint is present.

Also in this case you will notice that the lint will immediately stick to the sheets, leaving your scarves, sweaters and hats free!

Natural softener

Finally, there is another trick that can eliminate lint on clothes. This is the natural DIY fabric softener, which will help make the fibers softer during washing and prevent the formation of fluff.

To make it happen, we suggest you watch this video!



These are inexpensive, home-based methods for removing lint from clothes. We remind you, however, to always follow the production labels, so as not to ruin them.