6 things you need to get out of your bedroom as soon as possible

Our bedroom is our place of relaxation, comfort, security, rest and pleasure.  In this large space, we must have some considerations about what we enter and what we leave inside to make the most of this great place.

And since all this is important to us, in today’s article we will mention some things and circumstances that   you can avoid having in your bedroom so that your moment of rest and connection with yourself is more pleasant and does not affect your sleep in any way. . . .

1- Electronic elements

Although televisions, tablets, computers and cell phones are widely used throughout the house, it is advisable   not to take them to the bedrooms to leave this place as a place to rest from everything, including technology.

Therefore, it is advisable to leave all these things in the living room or in a drawer so as not to notice it and to be able to   rest more deeply and effectively without distractions or contamination in our rest.

2- To pets

Although pets are not things, they are   living beings that we love very much and with whom we like to live, the reality is that they generally affect   our sleep and rest a lot when they are in our room.

A healthy option for you and your dog is to sleep away from the bed, but in the bedroom or outdoors.  This allows you both to rest easy and enjoy a relaxed sleep.

3- Working documents

Office or work papers, sheets full of invoices, to-do lists and more can be a big nuisance in the bedroom   because you can think about it and part of your attention is there and it doesn’t rest.

This is why it is recommended to leave your work papers in the living room or if you have a desk or if you have a backpack or suitcase to store them so you can take them out only   when you are going to use them. and in your room you can rest well.

4- Intense alarms

While we all need those precious alarm clocks to wake us up to go to work, school, university or to make any commitment, it is important not to have   a loud alarm in our room.

If you choose to have an alarm on your cell phone (kept in the drawer so as not to interrupt your attention during rest) or on a programmed reader, it is recommended to have a soft and cheerful alarm that positively predisposes you to avoid feeling   overwhelmed or unwell when you wake up. .

5- Food leftovers

Many times they give us something to eat in bed while we relax or even when we feel bad and it is comfortable for us to have food next to our bed.  But it is important that when you have finished eating, you take them out of your room. 

Leftover food can spoil and breed insects or even cause indigestion. Therefore, it is recommended that   if you eat in your room when you have finished your meal, you take it to the kitchen and keep your space clean. 

6- Mirrors

Mirrors are super useful elements in the house, not only to see yourself but also to reflect light and enlarge spaces, but   the use of mirrors inside the rooms is not highly recommended because it can affect the rest.

It is better to have mirrors   outside the room or if you want to have them inside, it is better to place them inside the closet with the possibility of closing it to prevent them from reflecting lights or things that could interrupt or disturb your rest and sleep   .

7- Extra cushions

To rest, there are people who prefer to do so without any type of pillow or cushion, while others appreciate comfortable pillows, but   what is not advisable to have in the bedroom are excess cushions.

When we have many pillows in our bed   , we tend to sleep with all of them, which can lead to poor posture, neck or spine pain, and more.  So if you can, leave the cushions on your chairs in the living room and opt for something more minimalist on your bed so you can rest well.