6 useful uses for eggshells

We usually throw away eggshells because we think we can’t do anything with them. We’re used to identifying it as waste, but the truth is that eggshell has many uses.

In Mundo Positivo, we’re going to tell you the main uses we can put eggshell to. We hope you’ll find them useful.

1- Use as beautiful pots for sprouting

If we manage to leave the eggshell almost whole and break off only the top part, we’ll have a bowl shape. This shape allows us to make a series of small pots to hold small plants or germinate seeds. If we place these pots in a maple egg, we’ll have a real ornament for our kitchen. As you can see from the photo, it’s very simple and very beautiful.

2 – A great help for plants

Plants are usually attacked by various pests, such as snails or slugs. In this case, eggshell is ideal, as placing small pieces of shell on your plant will scare these animals away. Bear in mind, too, that if you crush it further, you can mix it into the soil to give your plants more strength as they grow.

3 – Sharpen and clean

If we’re using the blender or multiprocessor, no matter how hard we try to clean them, the most stubborn blades always remain for deep cleaning. To ensure that the shell not only cleans well but also sharpens the blades, you need to put the crushed shell with water in the glass and pass it through the multiprocessor so that as it moves inside, it removes the dirt and sharpens the blades.

4 – Strengthens nails

Just as you buy it in a perfume shop, you can do it directly from the shells. To do this, crush the hulls into powder and add them to your nail polish bottles. Then paint your nails, giving them calcium for growth. A simple but very useful tip.

5 – Tomatoes will grow strongly

Whether we have a cherry tomato plant on our balcony or a field of tomatoes in our garden, we know that tomatoes are a fruit that, when they grow, because of their weight, lower the trunk that supports them and with that we lose the harvest .

Just so you know, farmers often use eggshells, distributing them under the tomato plants in the soil and with this, they make the trunks strong enough to support the tomatoes.

6 – Remove food scraps

Every time we wash a pot or a pan, there are elements that are more attached to it. That’s where if you grind up eggshells and place them on the sponge you’re going to wash with, it’ll help you remove stuck-on food scraps in a matter of minutes. Bear in mind that this is not a suitable method for Teflon bottoms.