7 fragrant and beautiful plants to keep on the balcony: they keep flies and mosquitoes away

These 7 plants to keep on the balcony cannot be missed. They are fragrant and beautiful but above all they keep flies and mosquitoes away from the house. Here’s what they are.Mosquitoes are never pleasant to have in the house and now that temperatures are about to rise, action needs to be taken. They leave very annoying marks on the skin and can cause swollen, inflamed rashes that are very itchy. In the most extreme cases, these insects can even cause fatal diseases.

Flies are certainly less harmless than mosquitoes but in the same way they are very annoying  . These are always around us and this is due to the pheromones produced by our body. You should know, however, that you can use natural repellents to put on the balcony. It’s all about plants.


Here are the plants to keep on the balcony

As we said,  there are plants that act as insect repellents  and you will not have to buy chemical insecticides because these will be enough for you. We will show you 7 that you can put on your balcony so that mosquitoes and flies do not enter the house at all.

  • Rosemary  : This is a very versatile herb. It is used both in the kitchen and for hair care and for this reason it would be useful to put it on the balcony. Considering  that it keeps insects away, especially mosquitoes  , it’s a great investment to make. It is also not a toxic plant for pets.
  • Calendula  : they are perfect against  insects, particularly thanks to the presence of limonene  . It is also very beautiful to look at especially when it blooms with orange and yellow flowers. This plant also wants warmth and sun.
  • Sage  : aromatic plant but not only. Having it on the balcony will allow you to enrich your recipes and keep insects away. You can place it, for example, on the windowsill.
  • Floss Flower  : This is a  very beautiful plant that contains coumarin  . The latter is a substance that acts as an insect repellent. Also in this case it is not suitable if you have animals because it is toxic.
  • Catnip  : This plant is loved by cats but hated by insects. Indeed, it contains nepeta cataria which is not a substance that they appreciate  . You can grow it both on the balcony and at home.