7 hotel tricks to clean home faster and deeper

The best advice regarding household cleaning always comes from the experts. In the case of hotels, for example, who better than room housekeepers to give us advice on how to clean more thoroughly and faster.

Hotel housekeepers often have to sort out dozens of rooms a day, and every one of them must have impeccable cleanliness, whatever condition they are left in by guests.

Below we suggest 7 tricks that are put into practice by hotel room cleaners that will allow us to spend less time on housekeeping and get even better results.

1. Start by tidying up

Before you start cleaning, put the room in order so that you can better organize your cleaning. Start by emptying trash cans, removing bedding, picking up dirty laundry, and removing anything that does not belong in the room.

Tidying up before cleaning not only makes the job easier, it also eliminates the temptation to clean around items or place them on a freshly cleaned and still damp surface.

2. Beat the curtains

In between a deep wash in the washing machine or a vacuuming pass, you can freshen up your curtains by giving them a few whacks with a tool that is as novel as it is effective: a towel.

Towels are heavy enough to allow us to get rid of dust, but not so heavy that we fatigue or put our joints at risk.

Also, the fibers of the towels will collect the dust and dirt that falls from the curtains. Once you have finished giving the curtains their shots, wash the towel and vacuum around the area to remove any residue.

3. Vacuum twice.

Before going directly to the corners of the room and vacuuming, vacuum over the busiest areas while I enti in the room. By doing this you will have vacuumed twice when you are done.

This method allows us to remove most of the dust during the first pass, and any residue during the second pass.

4. Leave the cleaning products to work

Hotel housekeepers know that cleaning will be faster and easier if you allow the products time to do their job. The ingredients in cleaning products, whether natural or chemical, need time to penetrate into the dirt and promote its removal.

Let the products work for about ten minutes on the dirtiest surfaces, such as the toilet, stove top or carpets.

5. Check the labels

How much time do you waste every time you have to put sheets on trying to guess the correct corners?

The solution is super simple: locate the sheet label, which is almost always found in a corner. This label should always be placed on one of the corners of the bed, in most cases at the bottom right corner.

6. Make the taps shine

Hotel housekeepers know that gleaming faucets turn a fairly clean bathroom into an immaculate one.

Remove stains and fingerprints from faucets by swiping a little denatured alcohol right after cleaning them. It only takes a couple of seconds, but it really makes a difference.

7. Use vinegar to clean windows

Vinegar is one of the most useful and versatile natural products in household cleaning. In addition to cleaning and degreasing, it is also capable of disinfecting any type of surface.

This excellent natural product can also be used to clean glass: just spray a small amount on the surface of the glass or mirror and wipe with a clean cloth.