7 ways to use lemon that will revolutionize your beauty

Lemons are used extensively in cooking, being among the most beloved fruits. They are rich in vitamins B and C, phosphorus and carbohydrates. Few people know, however, that the acids in the lemon are great for the skin: just squeeze a fresh lemon and apply the juice directly to the skin to make it softer, more flexible and to nourish it.

This is why lemon is often used as an ingredient in so many natural beauty remedies, but also in cosmetic products. Below we suggest some methods and ideas on how to use lemon to improve beauty, from hair to skin. Follow them carefully and remember to prefer organic, that is, pesticide-free lemons.

Hair: Apply lemon juice, making gentle massages. Vitamins B, C and A not only nourish them but also help eliminate excess grease and impurities.

Acne: A little lemon juice on oily skin helps reduce sebum oxidation and the formation of blackheads.

Nails: Lemon is a great remedy for whitening nails. Dip them directly into lemon juice, also to remove toxins caused by tobacco and poor quality nail polishes.

Armpits: Lemon is also an excellent natural deodorant, capable of blocking bad odors for hours.

Lips: A little lemon juice mixed with sugar is a great exfoliant to remove dry skin from irritated lips.

Knees and elbows: Rubbing half a lemon on dark elbows and knees not only brightens them but also makes them softer.