8 unusual tips to make the toilet shine like never before

Generally, to clean your toilet, it is customary to use household products such as heated white vinegar , baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, citric acid or even homemade effervescent tablets (the recipe here) . However, keeping every corner of the little corners clean is not an easy task and all the tips are therefore good to take to make the bottom of the bowl as well as the seat shine. To make this chore easier to accomplish and find clean, spotless toilets efficiently and quickly, we have brought together some unusual, inexpensive and incredibly powerful techniques. Enough to restore shine to your cabinets effortlessly and above all without using bleach or hydrochloric acid, two particularly aggressive chemicals!

Put on your cleaning gloves and let’s start with these rather clever little-known tips that are really worth the detour.


1) Use a pumice stone against black spots

With this tool, you no longer need to scrub for hours to eliminate marks on the bottom of the toilet and black stains on the edges. Be careful, however, not to use your dry pumice stone as it risks scratching the earthenware! So make sure to soak the stone in hot water, then use it to scrub away any unsightly and stubborn marks. Then flush the toilet to rinse.

2) Dishwasher tablets to clean toilets

Dishwasher tablets are a very effective cleaning product for all surfaces in the house . In addition to being able to use them to clean your oven, you can also use them to restore whiteness to small corners . They are in fact designed to remove hard water stains on dishes and will therefore do the same job inside the bowl! To do this, you can use them in two ways. You can actually let one melt in the toilet for a few minutes, then use the brush to soak the walls and scrub. Otherwise, it is possible to wet a corner and rub stubborn stains with it (as if it were a sponge!). The trace will leave effortlessly.

3) Tablets to clean dentures in your toilet

Effervescent tablets for dental appliances can be a very effective cleaning product . Some use them to whiten nails, shine silver jewelry, remove limescale from a carafe or a glass, but also scrub limescale shower tiles. However, the use that interests us here is that which consists of immersing 4 to 5 cubes to eliminate scale in the toilet . Simply leave it on for 1 to 2 hours for optimal effectiveness, then scrub with the toilet brush. The dirt should come off effortlessly.

4) Toothpaste to clean toilets and keep them fresh

To avoid bad odors and do some of the cleaning work , you can… use a tube of toothpaste ! To do this, simply pierce it in several places with a needle or a pin. Then, slide your tube into the tank where it can dispense a little menthol paste each time you flush. Replace the tube once a month to preserve the fresh effect. Alternatively, you can also slip some soap into a knotted washcloth that you hang inside the flush tank.

5) Baby oil to ensure the shine of chrome

Ideal for making stainless steel shine, baby oil can also be used to clean and shine chrome in a single action . Simply take a few drops with a soft, lint-free cloth (like microfiber cloth) and use this to remove dirt and restore shine to the metal. Very sparkling, the result is stunning to say the least! On the other hand, we warn you: once you start using this tip, it is difficult to refrain from using it everywhere in the house (shower head, faucet, stainless steel fridge, etc.). However, remember to keep a little to polish the porcelain that makes up the tank and the bowl . Indeed, it works here too.

6) Nail polish to prevent rust stains

To keep toilets clean, you also need to know how to act in prevention. So, to avoid small traces of rust, apply transparent varnish to all the hinges and screws that make up your toilet seat. This tip will not only prevent rust from forming by protecting the metal, but also prevent screws and bolts from loosening over time . So you will never have problems with a moving seat again!

The extra tip: remember to also apply it to the bottle of shaving foam which sits proudly on the edge of the sink or bathtub. So, no more rust rings after a shaving session!

7) Cling film or dishwashing detergent to unclog the toilet
unblock clogged toilet
Credits: 5-minute crafts on Facebook
In the event of a blockage, you will have to unclog the toilet before you can even consider cleaning! In this case, you can consider completely covering the clogged toilet bowl with plastic film (you can do two layers for greater strength). Then, flush the toilet, which will allow the film to swell. All you have to do is press firmly on this dome to remove the blockage.

If the blockage is not too big, you can also combat the blockage in the pipe using dishwashing detergent . To do this, pour 1/5th of the bottle of dishwashing liquid directly into the toilet. Then wait 15 minutes, then cover with 4l of hot water. Finally, wait 15 to 30 minutes more before flushing.

8) And to keep the toilet smelling good, what amazing tips are there?

Normally, cleaning the toilet well with the previous tips or vinegar will reduce unpleasant odors. If, however, bad odors persist or if you want to act as prevention , you can strike a match after each trip to the toilet, put a few drops of an essential oil of your choice on the cardboard inside the roll of toilet paper (oil essential lemon, lavender, eucalyptus or orange for example) or even make your own homemade air freshener .