9 Excellent Ways to Use Newspaper in Your Garden

Gardeners often use every opportunity to have a little fun. Why not take this one, and stretch your dollar? Newspapers are cheap! They’re also environmentally sound.

When households toss their newspapers in the trash, they contribute to a massive waste stream made up by landfills. That newspaper can take decades for decomposition in such an aerobic environment!

With all these exciting recycling ideas, you’ll have no problem getting your paper for the week.

1. Newspaper Pots for Seed Starting

Newspaper pots are an ideal way to start seeds. They’re also good for children who want a hands-on experience and love being creative!

You can purchase preformed wooden babies, or you could make your own out of fresh newsprint if desired – it’s fun activity that will teach kids about gardening while they learn how easy this technique really is.

Cut the newspaper in strips. Pouring one part water to two parts newspaper, you want to soak the strips for at least 24 hours.

After this time has passed and your pulp is ready, beat it with an eggbeater Squeeze all the extra water from your pulp and fill a plastic cup with about half an inch of it. After letting this layer set for three days, remove the planter to give room in order that new plants can grow!

2. Newspaper for Container Gardens

Gardeners can use newspapers to cut circles that fit perfectly in their flower pots. The three layers provide an effective barrier against weeds while still allowing oxygen and irrigation through so it slows moisture loss for you plants’ roots!

One way to keep your pots from drying out is by lining them with newspaper. This will help prevent the loss of moisture and can lead to an increase in efficiency for holding onto it!

3. Newspaper in the Compost Bin

Summertime is the perfect time to get your garden on track and composting can be a huge help. As summer progresses, many people find their bins emitting an unpleasant smell due to excess nitrogenous materials. Adding in some carbon-rich paper takes care of this problem so you’ll never have bad smells again!

To do this, you should run over sheets of newspaper to create the perfect mix for your compost bin. This mixture will contain both nitrogen and carbon, keeping it fresh with new life, and without strong odors!

4. Newspaper can Get Worm Bins Started

Shredded newspaper makes the perfect bedding for your worm compost bin. Gardeners should run paper through a shredder, however, make sure to exclude the shiny advertising pages!

Dampen the newspaper so that it is as moist and wrung out a sponge. The worms will feed on this along with any food scraps you’ve given them, so them  regularly!

5. Newspaper Kills Weeds in the Lasagna Garden

Lasagna gardening is the best way to get your hands dirty. Laying newspapers or cardboard, soil and compost over a planting space makes for an impenetrable mat that smothers weeds when wet before being placed one or two inches thick.

Too many layers of newspapers can cause root rot and drainage problems, but shreddedding keeps your soil fluffy. You are able to make an inch or more thick newspaper bed by just shredding it up!

6. Newspaper Can Keep Plants Safe From Frost

If you live in an area where the winters can be cold, gardeners should consider using a cold frame. Lining these frames with newspapers and insulating them will provide extra protection from freezing temperatures on those cold winter nights.

7. Newspaper Stores Tender Bulbs

To keep your dahlias and gladioli fresh for winter, loosely wrap the bulbs with newspaper. This is a more environmentally sound alternative than storing them in peat moss which depletes our planet’s natural resources!

Don’t stop here! Use newspaper to individually wrap your harvest from the vegetable garden too, including tomatoes, squash and eggplants. Store them in a dry place with no direct sunlight where they will stay fresh for up to two weeks!

8. Newspaper Can Make Garden Tools Remain Clean

Don’t let rust shorten the lifespan of your favorite garden tools. Wipe off any dirt or debris on working end with a few sheets newspaper, then plunge it into sand and oil before using again.

9. Newspaper Catches & Traps Insect Pests

It is such an alluring place for nocturnal pests like slugs, pill bugs and earwigs to hide beneath damp newspapers during the day. Place the damp newspapers around garden areas at dusk so that you can collect them in the morning with their hitchhikers!

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