9 plants for the bathroom that grow big, beautiful and absorb all the moisture

For some of us, the bathroom is a sanctuary. In the bathroom we take time for ourselves, we practice beauty or relaxation rituals, and that’s why it deserves to be well decorated.

Planting is one of the best ways to decorate the bathroom. However, not all bathrooms have enough light and excessive humidity could make it difficult to place some species.

Yet, some plants do not need much light and can even help us absorb moisture . Not to mention that plants help to purify the air, eliminating chemicals such as formaldehyde and benzene.

Below we list 9 plants that can be placed in the bathroom and help absorb moisture.

Bamboo. It needs little light and can be placed in front of a mirror to get more natural light. It needs a lot of water and should not be exposed to direct light.

Pothos . It likes humid environments and needs little light. It does not need soil and can be planted in a glass container.

Sansevière . It helps purify the air and does not need much light. Water two to three times a week.

Hyacinth. In addition to decorating with its beautiful flowers, it also has a very pleasant aroma. Water once a week and make sure it doesn’t get much direct light.

Peperomia . There is a large variety of them, in different colors and shapes. It is perfect for small bathrooms and requires little light.

Ivy . It adapts well to the edges of furniture or windows and requires little light and little water.

Red Aglaonema . Purifies the air by eliminating toxic substances such as formaldehyde, present in many cosmetic products. It is best placed near the shower.

Aloe vera . It fits well in very bright bathrooms and should be placed near the window.

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