9 plants that attract positive energy in the house

The location of objects in our homes affects the flow of energy. Plants, like all organic and inorganic beings, have energy. In addition, they can purify the air by removing heavy metals and toxins that can accumulate due to synthetic materials in furniture, appliances and other objects in the home.

Below we list the 9 best plants to put in our homes to purify the air in the house and attract positive energy.


Native to South America, where it is known as the “peace plant”, this plant is capable of generating good vibrations. It is used to purify the air and neutralize harmful gases. The plant grows in very shady areas.

Palm trees

There are smaller varieties, which can also be easily placed at home. They are often used as space dividers. They have the ability to remove xylene and formaldehyde from the air in the house.


It attracts positive energy, although it is mainly used in the kitchen. The aroma of rosemary helps to improve memory, insomnia and mood.


It releases oxygen especially during the night hours, so it is recommended to put it in the bedroom. It has a pleasant smell, which can improve mood.


In some Asian countries, they are a symbol of luck and prosperity. Bamboo attracts positive energy.

Jade tree

It is believed to attract money and luck. It is an excellent houseplant because it needs little water.


Excellent for purifying the air, removing substances such as formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia.


This plant is also associated with luck and wealth.

Citrus fruits

They are a symbol of abundance and health.

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