9 surprising alternative uses of Nivea cream that can be very useful

When it comes to moisturizers, Nivea is undoubtedly among the best-known brands. Nivea cream , in the classic blue packaging, has been used for generations, having been among the first to be marketed.

Nivea cream is very useful for hydrating the skin, especially during the cold months, but its uses are not limited to that. Below we suggest 9 alternative uses of Nivea cream .

Nivea cream is one of the most effective remedies for treating cracked heels . To enjoy this benefit you can apply it directly to chapped heels and let it act throughout the night.

During the cold months, lips tend to chap and crack . Even the corners of the lips can become chapped. You can use Nivea cream to moisturize them, applying it directly to the lips for 10-15 minutes, then removing it with a cloth. Apply for 3 or 4 days.

You can also use Nivea cream to color cheeks and lips . You can also mix it with blush to make application easier. To prepare a creamy lipstick , mix half a teaspoon of Nivea cream with the lipstick. To make a creamy blush, however, mix classic blush with a little cream.

Nivea cream is also an excellent make-up removing remedy . The consistency of the cream helps to “melt” the makeup and allow it to be easily removed. Put some cream on a makeup remover wipe and apply it to your makeup, you can remove it with a cotton pad.

This excellent cream can also be used as a foundation . It is very useful for softening the surface of the skin, covering blackheads and facilitating the application of make-up.

Nivea cream can replace the cream you normally use for the eyes. Mix Nivea cream with the contents of a vitamin E capsule or with almond oil, and apply directly under the eyes.

Another effective use of Nivea cream is as an alternative to shaving foam . Mix Nivea cream with baby oil, then apply to the areas you want to shave. This method prevents cuts and softens the skin.

The area around your nails can become very dry and uncomfortable if you have damaged cuticles. Apply Nivea cream directly to your cuticles before going to sleep to prevent cuticle dryness and pain .

Although Nivea cream is designed for the skin, it can also be applied to the hair. By applying a small amount of cream to the hair, it is possible to control the phenomenon of “baby hair” , i.e. the small hairs that grow near the forehead.