A glass of coarse salt immediately solves 6 bathroom problems

But how tiring is it to have the bathroom  always clean and free of bad odors  ? Really really a lot! This environment, in fact, by its very nature, tends to  get dirty easily  and present various problems, such as  mold, humidity, etc.

To always keep it clean, we  use the most varied detergents available on the market,  ignoring however that these can pollute the environment.

For this reason, today we are going to see together how to solve these problems in the bathroom and  always keep it clean  , using only a  glass of coarse salt!

Stinks in the toilet drain

It’s often the case that you walk into the bathroom and are immediately struck by  a bad smell coming from the toilet drain. The first thing we do in these cases is throw in various scented detergents to counter the stench.

Fortunately, however,  salt can come to your rescue. How? Let’s see it together! Fill  a glass with coarse salt,  then pour it into  the sink  and leave to act overnight. The next day, simply pour  a bucket of boiling water  , being very careful not to burn yourself, and that  ‘s it: goodbye to bad smells!

Salt, in fact, has an  absorbent function, capable of neutralizing bad odors  in the drain!

Yellow stains in toilets

Another problem that we frequently encounter in the bathroom is the formation of certain   yellow stains in the toilet  , due to   lime deposits  that tend to turn yellow by absorbing the   color of uric acid. But even in this case, salt can come to your rescue thanks to its  strong cleaning and abrasive action  .

Then add a little water level in  1 glass containing coarse salt  , in order to obtain a more compact mixture which you can spread over the yellow stain using the brush.

Then leave it on overnight, then rub  with the brush  to permanently eliminate the stain: the  yellow stains will be nothing more than a bad memory! To make this remedy more effective and get rid of yellow spots, you can also add   baking soda  to the mixture.

For toilets and showers

Salt is also very effective for  cleaning yellowed bathrooms and showers,  as it has a   strong whitening and abrasive action   capable of removing the most stubborn stains. It is no coincidence, in fact, that it can also be used  to whiten clothes and remove yellow stains without resorting to bleach!

In this case, we advise you to combine it with baking soda, so as to create a very effective cleaner. Then mix  1 glass of baking soda   and   1 glass of coarse salt  with water until you obtain a thick mixture. Then rub it on the bathroom fixtures using a sponge and leave to act for a few hours.

Finally, rinse and you will notice that   your toilets will shine again!

Against humidity and mold

If there is one room in the house that is highly prone to the formation of  humidity and mold,  it is the bathroom. Fortunately, however, salt is known for its absorbent function and, in particular, for its ability to  absorb excess moisture. We remind you, in fact, that it is used to make a   natural do-it-yourself dehumidifier!

All you need to do is   fill a glass with coarse salt  (or more than one if the humidity is high) and place it in the corner of the bathroom. You will notice that as the days go by, the salt will become damp as it has absorbed the excess moisture. At that time, change the glass or  let the salt dry and use it again.

Limescale on faucets and tiles

If your bathroom surfaces,  such as tiles or taps, are full of limescale  , know that you don’t have to worry, because salt will solve the problem! Then dilute   2 tablespoons of salt in 200 ml of water  , then pour everything into a  spray bottle  and spray liberally on the affected areas.

Leave on for  10 minutes,  then wipe with a sponge and rinse well. Alternatively, you can also  create a thick paste  by adding a little rinse water, applying it to the sponge on the non-abrasive side and then  gently running it over all affected areas  . At this point, leave it on for a while and rinse, removing any residue.

If you want to flavor it

Finally, let’s see together one last tip with salt   to bring a good scent to the bathroom!

So all you need to do is mix  2 tablespoons of coarse salt   with  15 drops of essential oil of your choice in a small bowl.  Then, put the mixture thus obtained   in a jar of your convenience   and put it in the bathroom:  and what a scent!


Before starting the actual cleaning, it is advisable to try the indicated methods on a surface hidden from the areas to be treated.