A magic trick to make geraniums bloom year-round

Geraniums are appreciated for their simplicity and beautiful flowering. But even this easy-to-care-for plant needs care. Here are some tips on how to care for it.

In autumn, florists recommend using iodine on geraniums to stimulate the plant.

Why is iodine good for geraniums?

Water the plants with a solution of iodine once a week. The product promotes root growth, so they begin to absorb nutrients from the soil faster. This has an instant effect on the appearance of the flower.

How does iodine affect the geranium?

The leaves become fleshier and their color is stronger.

Stems grow faster

The number of buds increases

The flower blooms, becomes brighter and the color is more vivid.

The flowering time increases.

In addition, iodine can also be used as a soil antiseptic. It prevents the appearance of root rot but also the appearance of fungi, parasites and protects the plant from diseases.

How to use iodine on geraniums?

To prepare an iodine solution for watering geraniums, add 1 drop of iodine to 1 liter of water at room temperature.

Important note: Moisten the potting soil the day before watering with iodine. Otherwise, you risk damaging the roots.

Depending on the size and age of the flowers, each plant needs 50 to 100 milliliters of iodine solution. Be careful not to stain the leaves with liquid when watering. If this happens, use a paper towel to absorb the moisture.

In winter, water at room temperature.