A plastic box is enough to catch mice: this trap is foolproof

Have you found a mouse in your house and need to catch it as soon as possible? A simple plastic box will be useful for this.

The nightmare of many people is finding one or more mice within their home space . Especially those who live in the countryside or, in any case, in peripheral areas far from population centers, may be at greater risk of finding these rodents in their homes.

There are many methods to eliminate mice from our home as much as possible. Anyone who has a garden, for example, knows well to what extent these rodents can compromise the normal development of plants and grass.

Having one or more cats in the garden will always keep rodents away. Not everyone, however, has animals at home or outside. Therefore, it will be possible to take advantage of some aromatic plants, whose smells will keep rodents away.

The presence of mice represents a very high hygienic risk both in the garden and, in the most unfortunate case, in the home. In fact, mice carry many germs and bacteria and can transmit some nasty diseases, such as salmonella.

A risk that, therefore, no one will ever want to take. Those who live in the countryside usually prepare some strategies to never run the risk of encountering one or more mice in the house or garden.

In this article we want to present you a very valid strategy to catch mice inside a simple plastic box . Here you will find everything you need to know about it.

The plastic box method of catching mice.

Anyone who has a phobia of mice and lives in an area with a high risk of their presence knows well how essential it is to place real traps . The most rudimentary ones involve the presence of a mechanical trap with cheese inside.


This is the classic trap that is also used in cartoons and that has entered everyone’s common imagination. Peanut butter and nuts are other foods that mice love. Therefore, it will be possible to create traps to bring the mouse closer and then catch it.

Other people, however, use even more drastic methods, such as rat poison . However, these are highly chemical and very dangerous products, especially in the presence of children or animals in the home.

Let’s discover, therefore, a more natural, effective and low-risk solution to trap mice inside a house, garden or garage. That’s why a simple plastic box will be very useful .

Types of capture with this method

Each of us has at least one plastic box at home. However, to implement an effective strategy for trapping mice, a circular strategy is needed. To give an example, the classic plastic container that we find in various offices or in some areas of the house could be good.

Plastic box

This plastic basket will help you catch mice . As? Inside you can place some food or some leaves with a smell capable of attracting these rodents inside.

Once this is done, you may want to get an old fan cover and place it over the plastic container. Place the lid on the container and also get a wooden board . It will act as a “drawbridge” to lift the mice above the cover – with a hole – above the basket.

The mice will smell the food or other items in the box, they will jump out and get stuck .

As an alternative to the plastic container, you can also use a normal bucket . The important thing is that the cover adheres well to it and that there is a hole through which rodents can pass and become trapped.