A roll of paper towels and a hanger: bring something weird to life

With a roll of kitchen paper and a hanger, you can make something unique. It just takes a little creativity and skill, and you will be surprised by the results.

A roll of kitchen paper and a hanger: give life to something strange

One of the most discarded waste is the cardboard paper towel roll, which however is very recyclable.

In fact, you can do something new without spending a cent. We explain how:

Prepare some simple hangers like the ones you use to hang clothes;
Take a cardboard coil;
Cut it in half without separating it completely;
Wrap it with duct tape in the color of your choice;
Work from the inside out;
Place it on the hanger in the center cut you made earlier;
Place on a hanger and untangle the pants;
This way you will save space in the closet for your jeans.

Another recycling idea

In the kitchen, you can reuse hangers to make your life easier. Here we’ll explain to you how to do it:

Prepare a hanger with clips on the sides;
Stick your recipe book or an important note;
Hang the hanger where you want it to be most visible, so you can see it without touching it.