A rope and two glass glasses: you are going to create something superb

With a rope and two glass glasses, you can practice creative recycling while giving life to something beautiful or useful. If, in addition to recycling, you are interested in DIY, this is your article. Keep reading and learn something new with us.

Rope and two glass glasses: you will create something beautiful

Create something extraordinary with objects that are no longer useful to you. Minimize the pollution of the planet and its effects, while taking care of your wallet by avoiding additional expenses.

To make it, you will need rope, a cord, hot glue, 2 glass cups, and different style beads to decorate.

Here we tell you how to do it:

Wash the glass glasses and let them dry well;
Prepare the bead and wrap the bottom edge with hot glue;
Do the same with the upper area of ​​the glass;
Insert the beads into a stiff cord;
Attach a crown to the glass to stabilize it;
The result is a romantic candle holder to decorate and brighten your home.

Why creative recycling?

As we have said before, creative recycling is an economical way to get something useful and beautiful at the same time.

Furthermore, it is the best thing you can do for the planet, reducing waste as much as possible.