A simple trick to warm your house better in winter: 1 cheap thing is enough

Insulating your home generally requires significant financial sacrifices. But it remains important if you want to maintain a sufficiently warm interior in winter. That’s why energy-saving renovations are supported by the state. However, it is entirely possible to heat your home if you are on a budget. With this trick, the proof is as simple as it is effective.

Various measures can be taken to counteract heat loss, particularly when using a heater. You can add insulating seals to your windows, add thick carpets to your interior, or even install thermal curtains. However, these measures alone are not enough to fully insulate and heat your home. Therefore, many people do not hesitate to use other methods to heat their homes better. Our more economical tip is to simply insulate your radiator to avoid heat loss.

Why insulate the radiator?

Use the radiator for heating

Use the radiator for heating. Source: spm

The benefits of insulating your radiator are numerous. You don’t know it, but   25% of the heat given off by the radiator is absorbed by the walls  . The latter loses effectiveness due to the lack of insulation.

However, using insulation on the back of your heater prevents energy loss and provides more warmth to your home in the winter while reducing the cost of energy bills. The insulation of the radiator therefore makes it possible to maintain the desired temperature by   avoiding the use of additional heating .

Installing insulation behind the radiator is also an ecological act, as excessive energy consumption increases CO2 gas emissions into the air.

How to insulate a radiator to heat your home better?

To utilize all the heat emitted by the radiator, it is recommended to install a reflective panel on the back of the radiator. This can be done with a protective adhesive film called insulating film, which aims to maintain a warm temperature inside the house. The insulating film is essential because it improves the performance of the radiator by around 5 to 10%, thus   avoiding heat loss  . And whoever says energy losses means high bills!

With this trick you can reduce your energy costs and avoid purchasing an additional heater.

How much does insulating film cost?

Insulation of a radiator

Insulation of a radiator. Source: spm

Insulating your radiator will cost you much less than  buying a boiler  . In France   you can get insulating film for less than 20 euros a roll  . To install it, you can seek professional help or better yet, do it yourself.

A few tips on how to properly insulate a radiator with adhesive film

  • Before installing insulation behind your radiator, make sure it is turned off.
  • Measure the space behind the unit before purchasing the required amount of insulation.
  • If your radiator is tall, mark the position of its bracket for better reference.
  • Once you have finished the insulation sheet, cut it according to the dimensions you collected earlier.
  • When applying the film, be sure to remove any air bubbles to prevent it from peeling off.
  • Some aluminum foil insulation does not contain adhesive. In this case, use wallpaper paste or adhesive tape to fix it.
  • Once the glue is dry, you can turn the heating back on and your home will be better insulated.