A spotlessly clean floor and lightened joints: the trick to cleaning them in a single pass

cleaning the floor is certainly one of the most boring and somewhat difficult household chores. Although it is simple to remove the dirt that accumulates on its surface, lightening the joints and avoiding leaving streaks is another matter.

The dirt that accumulates between the joints, almost always a mix of dust, residues and mould, makes them dark to the point of leaking completely their original color. The result is a floor that, although new, immediately seems old.

Conventional cleaning products, the ones we normally buy to wash the floor, are certainly not suitable for lightening grout. a>

Below we suggest the most effective trick to lighten black grout and clean the floor.

You simply need baking soda, a sponge and some water.

Pour some bicarbonate of soda into a container, add some water and pour on the floor. Scrub with the sponge, applying a little force between the joints, then mop as you usually do.

It is not necessary to use a cleaning product. On the contrary, using a little vinegar as an alternative to floor detergent will help disinfect surfaces and perfume the house.

You will see that with this simple trick the floor joints will be as good as new.