A sprig of sage is enough to scent the whole house when it’s cold: here’s how

Sage has been used in cooking for centuries to flavor meats and other savory dishes, and is also highly valued by herbalists for its medicinal properties.

Rightly so, because it has antibacterial properties. It can even be used as a natural treatment for coughs and indigestion, as an infusion or decoction.

But did you know that you can burn a few sage leaves to purify the air in your home? Find out how this tip can solve an annoying problem.

How to perfume the house with sage

For many people, spending time behind the stove is both satisfying and rewarding. The only problem: the smells from the kitchen escape and penetrate into all other rooms.

So much so that they penetrate curtains, carpets and walls. It is difficult to have a fragrant house in these conditions. Were you used to applying industrial deodorant sprays?

It’s just that they often don’t mask odors properly. Worse still: the scent mixture can sometimes even have a suffocating effect. Why not swap them out from time to time for natural ingredients that work just as well?

Take sage, for example, an aromatic plant known for its cleansing properties, energetic power and intoxicating smell.

As an essential oil, some even use it to promote mental abilities. But here we invite you to benefit from its cleansing and fragrant properties.

How do you burn sage leaves to cleanse the house? You will need a bunch of dried sage (tied well), a bowl to catch the ashes, and a match (or lighter).

Light the leaves in the bowl. Shake gently to extinguish the flame. Then, with the bowl in your hands, slowly walk through the house, making sure to cross the rooms to disperse the smoke.

Instead of a regular bowl, you can also use an incense burner. Burn the plant with a piece of charcoal and walk around the house to clean and purify the environment. As a bonus, they leave a very pleasant smell throughout the area.

Note: You can clean the interior by spraying sage essential oil diluted in water as a deodorant.

How do you make sage incense?
Arrange the dried sage leaves in a clay pot and light them with a candle. Immediately afterwards blow on it to extinguish the flame. This causes the leaves to burn slowly, releasing all of their essence.

Please note: The suggested remedy is in no way intended to be a substitute or equivalent to any medical treatment or remedy. Anyone who has health problems should contact their doctor.

More natural tips for scenting your home
Apart from sage, if you want to bring a pleasant smell into your home and mask unpleasant smells from the kitchen or toilets, you can try one of these remedies.


Rosemary is also a very popular herb in the kitchen. In addition to seasoning dishes, it is also widely used for medicinal purposes thanks to its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

It particularly relieves joint pain. But of course, just like sage, it helps purify the air and deodorize the room. All you need to do is tie a few dried branches together and light the end with a lighter.

Citrus peels
Oranges, tangerines and lemons are particularly recommended in winter to strengthen the immune system and prevent many seasonal ailments.

But instead of throwing their bark in the trash, you can recycle it in a very ingenious way. By placing it directly on hot radiators, a delicate, bitter scent spreads throughout the room.

A trio of possibilities
Have you ever tried combining the flavors of an orange, cinnamon and cloves? You will immediately receive an intense and intoxicating essence. Preparing the remedy is very simple: take an orange, wash it and dry it well.

Then make a few holes with a pin and insert the cloves one at a time. Once you have covered the orange with cloves, place it on a plate on which you have previously sprinkled a little ground cinnamon.

Coat the orange well with this brown powder. Then place the orange in a paper bag and store it in the shade for about a month before using it as an air freshener. You will be amazed by the results!