Accelerate the growth and flowering of your plants with these 5 natural fertilizers

You are not too fond of chemical fertilizers but you want to make your plants grow quickly? You should know that it is possible to make natural fertilizers that will not harm you or your plants. You will use natural ingredients to concoct them. Here they are:

Coffee grounds

This ingredient is very beneficial for plants. It contains a high level of phosphate and nitrogen which are essential minerals for plant growth. To use it, simply add it to the soil where the plant is located. The coffee grounds will promote the growth of plants and protect them from attacks by parasites and harmful worms.

Eggshells are also a very effective natural fertilizer. Simply crush them and scatter them in the soil. The natural components of eggshells will stimulate plant growth by acting as a natural fertilizer. They also act as a natural slug and ant repellents.

Banana peel

Our grandmothers have long used banana peel as a natural fertilizer to enhance plant growth. All you have to do is cut the banana peels into small pieces and put them in the soil. Containing a significant amount of potassium, banana peel boosts plant growth in a few days.

Wood ashes
Ashes from an ember can be beneficial to plants. To get the desired results, you can collect and sift them. Put them in a container and add water to obtain a grayish liquid. You can then use it to water your plants. The minerals contained in the ashes allow the plant to grow quickly.

Cooking water
The use of cooking water in gardening has been well-proven. This liquid has many properties. You can use the water from cooking vegetables or pasta to water your plants. Just wait for the liquid to cool down. It is rich in mineral salts, which are essential for the development of the plant.

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