Add salt to the washing machine: Grandma’s trick always works!

Do you know the method of adding coarse salt to the washing machine ? Our grandmothers made clean and very soft clothes from it. Since it is a cheap and natural ingredient , try it yourself to see the amazing results.

The trick of putting coarse salt in the washing machine, which our grandmothers used, is trendy because it is very effective and easy to do.

In fact, coarse salt is an easy ingredient to find. Anyone can use it without being an expert and get great results.

Since salt is natural, it does not harm tissue. You can use it on all types of clothing, even the most delicate ones. Unlike bleach, it can whiten clothes in a very short time without damaging them. Learn how to use salt in the washing machine to keep clothes looking new .

Coarse salt for cleaning very white objects
Did you know that it is possible to whiten clothes without bleach ? All you need to do is use a special natural ingredient which is none other than coarse salt. It is also a suitable solution for those who do not know how to use the washing machine properly.

Coarse salt is the perfect ingredient to freshen up yellowed clothes . It is able to whiten them perfectly. In addition, fabrics are not damaged. An important detail for those who are not used to doing laundry.


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Coarse salt is inexpensive and very effective and can be found in every household.

Coarse salt for removing stains
Do you have stains on your clothes and don’t know what to do? Coarse salt is the ideal solution to quickly remove stains and leave your clothes spotless. White clothing treated with this ingredient becomes whiter and stain-free.

To do this, add a handful of coarse salt to the drum of the washing machine in addition to the usual detergent in the drawer provided. You can also wash colored clothes and jeans using the same process.

Coarse salt for washing machine maintenance
Coarse salt is good for more than just cleaning clothes. Your washing machine can also benefit from the properties of this ingredient. In fact, you can use this amazing natural ingredient for regular maintenance of your device. ; This way you save money by having this product safely at home.

The salt has a descaling effect and at the same time reduces water hardness. To avoid limescale deposits in the washing machine, run an empty wash cycle with coarse salt by adding a kilo of salt to the drum. Wash at high temperature to dissolve the salt and activate its descaling effect.