All it takes is a little salt in the washing machine to solve a major problem

A little salt in the washing machine can solve a big problem that even chemicals sometimes have a hard time solving. Here the trick is revealed.

Laundry Washing is one of the daily tasks that need to be done if you want to have fresh and clean clothes and bedding every day. Many tricks for properly cleaning clothes are circulating on the internet these days, such as adding baking soda . Many companies also struggle with the problem of so-called “hard” water, which is rich in minerals. To address this problem, in addition to the chemical products available on the market, sodium bicarbonate is also ideal due to its antioxidants -lime functions.

The typical mistake that you should not make is certainly not to use too much detergent when doing laundry, because that is how you get no cleaner clothes, on the contrary. Too much detergent could even cause stains, not to mention foaming, which could lead to problems in the washing machine itself. But salt can also be a great help when washing laundry.

How to Use Salt in Washing Machine: The Trick You Should Try

Remove wine stains


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When washing laundry, you should, if possible, use natural products that are not harmful to the environment instead of using chemical agents. One of these products is salt , which can act as an effective natural stain remover . If you need to treat grease or oil stains, simply rub some coarse salt and then do the usual wash. Even more important: the dreaded wine stains no longer stand a chance. Sprinkle some coarse salt over it, and when it has absorbed the wine, add some lemon juice and then wash as usual.

Salt is also effective as a brightener , especially for yellow stains on clothing. For curtains, for example, they are usually dipped in bleach, but if that isn’t enough, just add a little salt to the bleach itself and everything will change. Laundry has never been so perfect with salt, stain removers, bleach and fixative . A teaspoon of salt in the washing machine will give your clothes shine and color.