All the uses of white alcohol vinegar you didn’t know about

You have surely heard ofwhite alcohol vinegar, an extremely versatile and effective product in a myriad of different uses. Unlike normal white vinegar, obtained from the fermentation of wine, this type of vinegar is a solution based on water and acetic acid.

white alcohol vinegar is an economical product within everyone’s reach, which can be purchased in supermarkets and which can be used as an alternative to many household cleaning products.

This type of vinegar hasacetic acid as its active ingredient, which is obtained by oxidizing the ethyl alcohol which is formed by fermenting the fruit sugars.

The final product is a liquid solution which is a truly multi-purpose product, usable in the kitchen but also for sanitizing many types of surfaces .

White alcohol vinegar has antibacterial, degreasing and anti-limescale properties, is non-toxic and ecological. Below we list the main uses of white alcohol vinegar.

  1. This type of vinegar, diluted in water, can be used as an alternative to detergents to clean the floor.
  2. A solution based on white alcohol vinegar and water can also be used to effectively clean glass.
  3. Mix 1 part white alcohol vinegar with 4 parts water and use the solution to clean and disinfect all bathroom surfaces.
  4. Dismantle sinks and shower heads and soak them in vinegar for about 30 minutes to remove limescale.
  5. White alcohol vinegar is an effective substitute forlaundry softener, and is used in the same way.
  6. To remove limescale from the moka, fill it with water and a little vinegar and place it on the stove, as if you were preparing a coffee but without coffee. This operation helps to remove limescale from the moka.
  7. Fill a container with white alcohol vinegar and place it in the bathroom or bedroom to absorb and eliminate bad odors. a>
  8. Use a solution of 1 part white alcohol vinegar and 3 parts water to clean the refrigerator and eliminate dirt and odors .
  9. Apply pure white alcohol vinegar to metals to eliminate oxidation.