All you need are 3 eggshells and a simple bar of soap to create something unique at home

With 3 eggshells and a simple bar of soap you can make something absolutely useful and amazing. Are you ready to witness the final surprise? You will be out of breath.

You have no idea how useful three eggshells and a single bar of soap are . Try this technique and be surprised. You won’t be able to do without it.

How to turn household waste into smart recycling
Household waste , i.e. everything that we today consider old, worn, broken or destined for the trash, are in fact very valuable and very useful items that should not be underestimated.

Do you know how much you can do with holey socks, stained wool sweaters , or drawers you no longer use? Lots for you and your home. First, let’s assume that everything – or almost everything – can be repaired, restored and reused, albeit in a different form.

Have you ever heard of smart recycling ? This is exactly what we are referring to. When we talk about reusing household waste , we are not only talking about goods or material objects, but also other items such as food, cleaning products or utensils .

For example, why do you need three eggshells and a single bar of soap ? You have no idea what an invaluable resource these two household scraps will be for your kitchen and beyond.

3 eggshells and a simple bar of soap to make something great
Do you have any idea what three eggshells and a simple bar of soap could be used for, such as the way you do your laundry or do the dishes? We tell you that you will be amazed at how intelligently you can use it.

Many are experimenting with this technique , especially women and housewives. These household wastes, as we can define them, become valuable resources for your home and beyond.

Ready to be amazed? Let’s get to work right away. As mentioned, get 3 eggshells and a bar of soap . Let’s start with this last object.

Take a grater and grate the bar of soap you want to put in a mixing container in which you will add three eggshells and a liter of water .


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Mix everything in the blender: you will see that a homogeneous green paste is obtained (if you have used a soap of this color, of course white or yellow depending on the chrome plating of the soap).

Now add a cup of brown sugar and finally two tablespoons of baking powder . Mix everything again. After this step, pour the mixture obtained into a fairly large container that you must close tightly with a suitable lid.

What have you created? We’ll tell you right away: an incredible cleaner for cleaning your home! Now take a clean sponge, dip some of it into the household product you made and start cleaning the furniture, hob, stove grates or steel hood.

You’ll see them shiny and clean again in no time! Even fire-damaged, burnt, or rusty pots will look like new again with this homemade recipe that will save your home.

How is it possible that these ingredients that we have listed for you can work such wonders? The answer is very simple: because each of them has specific properties that are also very useful in the kitchen.

For example, eggshells are ideal for removing the most stubborn stains , but also for removing streaks such as those caused by oil, coffee and wine . Did you know that they are also great for sharpening knives?

You can use them not only in the kitchen but, if you are a garden lover, also for the birth of plants and flowers: mussels, for example, are truly exceptional natural fertilizers. In short, they are a truly invaluable resource.

Instead, baking soda and soap, with their whitening and abrasive properties , just like eggshells, help remove stubborn buildup, stains, and halos.

The combination of these ingredients is perfect for an incredible cleanse . Nobody knew this technique, but especially the use of shells, bicarbonate and soap bars, which together are truly exceptional.

Many people, especially housewives, have tried this trick. Did that intrigue you? We guarantee you that you won’t do this once you start trying this cleaning technique