All you need are potato peelings to make these 4 things shine in your home!

Even those most concerned about their figure can’t avoid eating potatoes at least once a week, right?

Potatoes are one of the most popular foods in the world and are consumed in many different ways in the kitchen. But, didn’t you know that its use is not limited to the kitchen?

Thanks to their composition and high starch content, potatoes are perfect for many household tasks, especially peeling them.

Today I am going to reveal to you 4 things at home that can shine wonderfully using potato peelings.


Cutlery is the first to benefit from the cleaning action of potato peelings.

If you notice stains or a dull black color on your cutlery, you now have a simple and free solution that you can take advantage of.

All you have to do is wash the potato peelings well and rub them on the objects you want to shine. Then rinse them well with water to remove the starch. You will see how your cutlery shines!


It may seem unusual, but even the windows will shine if you clean them with a potato.

Take the potato peelings and rub them on the crystals, which you will have already moistened with a wrung out cloth. Make circular movements and then rinse well.

When dry, you will have super shiny windows.


Steel surfaces are very difficult to maintain because it is not always possible to keep them as shiny and clean as you would like.

When you see that it has become dull, simply use apple peels to make it shine again.

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Take the shells and adhere them to the sponge with the inside in contact with the steel. Sprinkle a little baking soda on the surface and rub vigorously.

Rinse and enjoy the fantastic result: your steel surface is super clean and shiny.


Dirty saucepans, embedded cutlery or stained utensils: what can you do to clean them? Did you know that you can polish them with potato peelings?

You just have to take the peelings, sprinkle a little baking soda and rub vigorously on the dirty utensils.

Next, rinse them well with a sponge and a little vinegar.