Always bloom the anthurium with this powerful natural fertilizer

Anthurium is a very beautiful flowering plant, present in our homes for its resistance and ease of cultivation. But how can you always have it healthy and vigorous?

anthurium remedy

There is a natural fertilizer so that the anthurium is always strong and vigorous. Let’s see how to prepare it at home.

Characteristics of anthurium

Anthurium or anthurium is a best-selling and most popular houseplant for apartments. Over the years, new species have been introduced, meaning the range of choice can be expanded. Today, in fact, it is possible to find not only red anthuriums but also other  different colors, shapes and sizes  .


Anthurium is a plant that adapts to different situations and furnishings although its origins are in the  forests of Colombia and it belongs to the Araceae family  . Its introduction to Europe took place more than a hundred years ago. Over time, the plant develops its typical frilly shape and peripheral leaf petioles. If previously it was considered a difficult plant to cultivate, today it is very widespread. If you fail to cultivate well, the problems lie in temperature errors and low humidity. In fact, the anthurium should be  placed near windows,  in a very bright place but not in direct light. As light increases, flowering will increase, especially if the plant is sheltered from drafts.

Natural fertilizer to prepare at home

Fertilization of the anthurium will take place from spring to autumn,  or when the plant is in vegetation. You can use a chemical liquid fertilizer designed for flowering plants every two weeks. If fertilization proves insufficient, the flowers will not open or the anthurium will only produce new leaves. Instead of using a chemical fertilizer, you can also prepare an all-natural one at home. Let’s see how. You will need the peels of three bananas,  known to be rich in phosphorus and potassium. They can help the soil stay sufficiently moist. The peels should be cut into small pieces and placed in a bowl  with a clove of garlic  which is an excellent fungicide and bactericide, capable of helping the plant stay healthy. Transfer everything to the bottom of a plastic bottle, previously removed from the top, and  add a little neutral detergent  . The latter will not be harmful to the plant and will promote decomposition. Add a liter of water and place in a cool, dry place, preferably covered with a lid, for about 48 hours.

Healthy and lush anthurium

Filter the resulting liquid  and pour it onto the soil of the plant, very slowly, making sure that the soil absorbs it and then repeating the operation. You will notice that your anthurium becomes stronger and more vigorous in no time. In addition, it will be protected from external agents and the attack of bacteria/plant diseases.