An effective detergent for cleaning floors: only natural ingredients!

You want to get rid of dirt on the floor.  This is normal since it is your environment and you want to take care of it. Besides, the cleanliness of the house also affects health. But the prices of products needed for household maintenance are sometimes high. Therefore, a homemade cleaner is a great option to choose. Here we offer you a floor cleaner made with natural ingredients. You can make it yourself. In addition, this cleaner is not only easy to make, but also effective and environmentally friendly. Without containing products harmful to health, it will clean the floor easily.

Who wouldn’t want to have a shiny and clean floor?  This preparation will give you a satisfactory result. Let’s see how to prepare this detergent based on natural ingredients.

Ingredients to prepare

For this household detergent, you will need:

  • 4 tablespoons of dishwashing liquid
  • 250 ml of white vinegar
  • ½ liter of water

First, pour the three ingredients into a plastic bottle that has a spray bottle. Next, shake the bottle to mix the water, white vinegar and liquid soap well.

Let’s move on to cleaning

For applying the detergent, you can spray it directly on the floor. Then wipe with a damp cloth or mop.

Even if this detergent is natural, you must always take into account the characteristics of the floor so as not to encounter problems.

If you prepared the detergent in a bucket, you will need a large amount of hot water. Then clean the floor as usual.

For the removal of dirt that has become encrusted in the joints, this detergent will be effective if you add sodium bicarbonate. This last ingredient has degreasing and cleaning properties.

Thanks to this solution, the halos will disappear and in addition, it has a sanitizing action.