An effective natural remedy to keep mosquitoes, cockroaches and ants away forever

Bugs can be really annoying and hard to keep away. They get into our homes, making their removal a nightmare. Some, like mosquitoes, can even be dangerous because they are potential carriers of disease.

However, the abuse of insecticides is really not recommended, due to the excessive amount of chemicals that, even if they keep the insects away, expose us to many risks. Below, we suggest 5 tips to keep insects away.

Anti-acid. Vinegar is an excellent insect repellent, particularly effective against flies and ants. It is acidic and sweet, which makes it an excellent ally against annoying little animals. Moisten a cloth with apple cider vinegar and warm water and use it to wipe down all surfaces. The aroma of the vinegar will keep the bugs away.

Alcohol and cloves. With these two ingredients, it is possible to create an excellent natural repellent, for both indoor and outdoor environments. In a small bottle with a spray diffuser, pour a few drops of clove essential oil and a little alcohol, and spray in the environment. The aroma is pleasant, but insects hate it.

Fly Bags. Pour water and about 5-6 pieces into a plastic bag with an airtight seal. Once closed, place it over doors and windows where flies enter. The reflection of the light on the pieces, amplified by the water, will keep the flies away.

Aromatic plants. They are great for keeping mosquitoes away. Basil and mint are the most suitable.

Sugar and baking soda . Baking soda is poisonous to roaches and kills them in seconds. Mix two equal parts of sugar and baking soda. The first attracts them, the second eliminates them.

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