Anthurium, with just one tablet there will be an explosion of flowers – that’s what

Do you want to know how to grow anthurium and have abundant and lush flowers? A wonderful plant for apartments, it must be grown following the rules, but to have magnificent flowers you only need one tablet. Let’s see which tablet to use to grow this plant.

Anthurium and tablets

An indoor plant par excellence, the anthurium is very appreciated for the beauty of its flowers and for their duration. Favorite among many  species for its wonderful colors and suggestive flowers  , this plant is also ideal as a gift because everyone loves it and the presence of different varieties allows you to choose the most suitable ones to create fascinating and elegant contexts.

Once in flower, the plant lasts a long time with flowers and ensures a real show wherever it is placed. They are available in different sizes and when choosing, you can opt for large or small anthuriums, depending on your preferences.

Also regarding  colors, the choice is wide  and you can find   red, white, pink or even bicolor  anthuriums Let’s find out everything about this beautiful plant and which tablet to use to have an explosion of flowers!

Anthurium growing rules

Belonging to the Araceae family, Anthurium is native to the forests of Colombia and was an ornamental plant in Europe around a hundred years ago.

The  particular shape of the flowers, the color and the duration  of the plant determined its fortune, so much so that it spread rapidly. Very common in homes, Anthurium is a simple plant to grow, you just need  to follow a few basic rules. Here’s what they are:

  • The Anthurium likes diffused light  , so it should be placed  in front of the window  . In this way it receives constant and indirect light, necessary for its luxuriant growth. If  it is placed in poorly lit places  ,  flowering will not be abundant  . In addition, drafts should be avoided in every way. During the summer season the plant can be placed outdoors taking care to avoid direct sunlight.
  • Anthurium plant 
  • The  plant should preferably be watered with non-cold, soft water  , such as rainwater for example. You must avoid letting the soil dry out, so  irrigate little and with a certain frequency  . To grow well, the anthurium needs fairly high humidity, which can be obtained by placing gravel in the saucer, to keep it moist in all seasons. The leaves should be sprayed every day  .
  • Anthuriums should be fertilized while they are growing, from spring to fall. It is preferable to opt for a  liquid fertilizer  to pour into the plant every 15 days or every 30 days. It should be noted that if fertilization is not sufficient, the plant does not flower as it should and only produces new leaves. However, there is  an effective method to  best fertilize the plant and that involves  using a particular tablet,  let’s see which one.

Which tablet to use to fertilize Anthurium

Use  a B complex tablet on plants  to make leaves green and flowers lush. You can find these tablets  in the supermarket or pharmacy  , they are cheap and you can find several in one package, which you can use for a long time. Here is how you should use the tablet to make Anthurium flowers thrive:

  • take a pellet and put it in the mortar
  • crush it and reduce it into very small pieces
  • continue to crush until it is reduced to powder
  • put the powder in a bottle with 1 liter of water
  • mix well and dissolve the powder well

The  B Complex tablet  contains  many vitamins that the Anthurium plant needs  to flourish lushly. Once you have the mixture, you should use it to water the plant or multiple plants. Just  use one tablet to make the  plant fertilizer to pour every 30 days.

anthurium and flowers

The leaves will remain very green and the flowers will grow profusely. Use the fertilizer obtained for other types of plants and you will see that you will no longer have rare flowers,  they will all have abundant flowers  and beautiful colors!