Any washing machine can dry clothes. Many people are still unaware of this feature

Do you have an upcoming appointment and your pants aren’t dry yet? Bad luck, the weather outside isn’t the best, it’s raining cats and dogs! If you don’t even want to use the radiator, we have another very important solution. It may surprise you, although your washing machine does not have a drying function, it can act as a dryer in an emergency. Quickly find out how to use it. And also take advantage of our tips for effectively drying your clothes at home.

Put the clothes in the washing machine

Main disadvantage: the air is constantly humid when it is cold

In winter the humidity is more present, which can represent a real problem in homes, especially for all those who do not have a dryer to facilitate drying clothes. In fact, it is often impossible to dry clothes outdoors, due to rain, snow and very low temperatures. In such a situation,   not everyone necessarily wants to use radiators to dry clothes  . Especially since this option is not the healthiest: heaters only increase the humidity level, such air is not very beneficial for our health, especially for the lungs. A less risky solution? For quick drying, your classic washing machine will do!

How to dry clothes in the washing machine?

If you need your clothes to dry much faster, after washing them, put them back in the washing machine! The only difference is that this time you will need to add a large, clean, dry bath towel. It should not be wrinkled so that it can absorb water properly.

After placing the towel in the machine, all you have to do is start a spin cycle, preferably at the highest possible speed. When you take your clothes out of the drum, you will notice that the towel has absorbed a lot of the water and moisture that was in the laundry. It will only take a few minutes for it to dry completely. In general, a short time on the radiator should suffice.

NB   : it should be noted that this method is all the more effective if the towel is truly absorbent and if it has enough space in the basket to act more optimally.

Hang your clothes

Tips for drying clothes on rainy days

Many homes don’t have clothes dryers. Therefore,   drying clothes is even more difficult on rainy days  . If the weather isn’t exactly favorable and you have no choice but to dry your laundry at home, here are some ingenious solutions to make your job easier.

  • An extra centrifuge

Therefore opt for another spin in the machine, this will significantly reduce the drying time once the clothes have been hung. Most washing machines are equipped with this feature. To do this, you need to wait for the end of the complete wash cycle and repeat the spin cycle. Your clothes will come out almost dry.

  • Turn hanging clothes inside out

In order for the laundry to dry faster on rainy days, it must be hung in a suitable place, protected from humidity of course. After a few hours, remember to turn the items inside out, as they may dry faster on one side and not the other. Furthermore, it is very important to respect the space between the clothes so that the air circulates around them.

  • Use a dehumidifier

Do you have a dehumidifier at home? It’s the perfect solution for removing moisture from clothes and making them dry faster. Ideally, it should be placed close to your clothes, to ensure that it draws moisture out easily. This will save you time and energy!