Apply these tricks to make a sansevieria bloom and perfume the entire house

If you have sansevieria at home, there is a good chance that you have never made flowers. This plant, known and appreciated for its incredible resistance, is one of the most difficult to make flower, but not if you apply the tricks that we suggest below.

For example, putting the plant in the bathroom  will absorb excess moisture  as well as toxins present in many personal care products.

Below we suggest the  basic care that the sansevieria needs  to grow healthy and strong in our homes.

1. Light

Sansevieria resists practically any light conditions. The optimal condition, however, is shade. Excessive sun could damage its leaves and make it less aesthetically attractive.

Place the sansevieria near a window, exposed to indirect light.

2. Water

Water the sansevieria once a week, but don’t overdo it. Check soil moisture before watering and water only if it is dry.

Sansevieria resists periods of drought, but its aesthetic appearance suffers.

3. Fertilizers

It is not necessary to fertilize sansevieria, but if you want to do so you can use egg shells (rich in calcium) or water with potato peels.

Fertilize once a month to ensure sansevieria gets the nutrients it needs.