As soon as they smell the smell of this plant, the cockroaches immediately disappear

This is the plant that cockroaches hate, its smell immediately drives the insects away: they simply never come back.

Cockroaches are common and a common insect that can enter the home and never come out. According to experts, they are so attracted to certain smells and remains that they find a corner to nest and start a family. Although chemical repellents are not recommended, traps or other means that could harm them should not be used. That’s why it’s good to use natural ingredients that provide a quick effect. In addition, this plant is hated by cockroaches .

Why do cockroaches invade the house?
Cockroaches are very fast insects, they can hide in inaccessible places and lay their eggs in a short time. Their main food is feces and they can transmit pathogens that are extremely harmful to humans. In addition, they like simple food, i.e. whatever they can find on the table or in the pantry.

Many people wonder where cockroaches can come from, although the answer is not always simple. Generally , they use access that leads them to attics or basements. They can range from water pipes to outlets to small cracks in walls.


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They like bathrooms because there is humidity there, but they also feel comfortable in the attic where they can live undisturbed. They prefer a dirty, dark and damp nesting site . The areas of interest for them are simple, and they nest freely, creating a real family of many small cockroaches: the females produce up to 40 eggs in each act, and that is an incredible number.

Plant against cockroaches: the natural repellent
The first thing you need to do is keep the house clean, without crumbs or open packages in the pantries. The cockroach does not like clean places without food, so it is necessary to take a little more hygiene measures. Then there is another plant that cockroaches hate.

It is called tansy because of its intense yellow flowers and intoxicating scent . This is certainly the best method to keep insects away as the smell of camphor is unbearable for these insects.

Then there are other smells that they cannot stand, namely:

Marseille soap by a solution in a container with water. Simply spray it on upholstered furniture and corners of the house to help cockroaches escape.
Essential oils generally have a strong, unpleasant odor, especially rosemary. Finally, the plant that can be placed in different strategic corners of the house;
The same goes for catnip , a natural pesticide that is spread in different corners of the house. Of course, taking into account the animals present.